Buying Guide: Best Cooling Pads and Mats for Dogs

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

Cooling pads and mats for dogs are not just an indispensable accessory for scorching summer heat, but a helpful aid for arthritic pets, too. Take a look and find out which mats will give your pet a chillingly pleasant cool down!

Your pet might like the long summer days because he has more time to play fetch and sniff around the back yard, but those high temperatures can really spoil everything. Dogs can’t sweat and depending on their breed and age, some of them can be even more sensitive to extreme warmth so finding a way to cool them off is not just recommended but a necessity. The best way to make sure your pet is not overheating is to limit their time in the hours when the sun is at its strongest, to always have fresh and cool water available, to try and keep them in the shade, and of course, to provide them a chilly spot to lie down on and cool down. Cooling pads and mats are ideal for this, as they help your pooch cool down gradually but efficiently. This is especially important because you don’t want your pooch to lie down on something freezing after being in the summer sun, as it could be quite a shock.

While pets who live in areas where summers get really hot will appreciate any way to get rid of the unbearable heat, it’s not just them who will appreciate a cooling pad. Elderly pets or dogs with joint pain and arthritis will also love the cooling effect of a comfy cushion. Therapeutic cooling can even help relieve pain and improve their symptoms, to an extent. Cold is known to reduce swelling and inflammation which are often an everyday occurrence for senior pets with joint issues and arthritis. So even if your pooch spends his summers indoors where the AC keeping everyone cool, you might still want to get a cooling mat for them, as the benefits of a cushion that chills go beyond body temperature regulation

Needless to say, there are many different cooling pads and mats for dogs to choose from. From those designed to fit the bottom of a dog crate to those that are ideal for outdoor use, you can find a cooling mat to match any need. Of course, while it may be tempting to grab the first cooling pad that fits your budget, it’s not that easy. You should know what features to look for before buying a mat for your pooch, and make sure you’re getting the best value for money and your pampered pet the best comfort your money can buy. To help you, we’ve rounded the 10 best cooling pads and mats for dogs–you’ll definitely have no issue finding a perfect match on our list.

Chillz Cooling Mat For Dogs

With its pressure-activated gel technology that keeps the mat perfectly chill for your pooch’s needs, this high-quality cooling mat is a good choice both for summer cooldown and senior pets who would benefit from the pain-relieving properties of the cold mat. The puncture-resistant material makes the mat more durable, but it’s still wise not to leave an aggressive chewer alone with it. This cooling pad folds down easily and can be used for travel. It “recharges” simply by being allowed to cool, so you can take it camping without worrying about its effectiveness. Chillz Cooling Mat For Dogs is available in medium, large, and extra large size.

Arf Pets Self Cooling Solid Gel Crate Mat

A dog’s crate should be his safe haven and a cozy little nook where he can go to relax and unwind. So what better place to place a cooling pad in, especially for an arthritic dog? Filled with a solid cooling gel, it requires no upkeep or power source to keep being cool and comfy for your precious pet. Of course, you don’t have to use it in a crate -even though the dimensions are a perfect fit for most. Use it as a topper for your pet’s regular bed or bring with you when you go on a road trip. Arf Pets Self Cooling Solid Gel Crate Mat comes in 3 sizes: 23 by 35 inches, 27 by 43 inches, and 35 by 55 inches.

K&H Pet Products Cool Bed

To help your pet feel refreshed and pleasant in the unbearable summer heat, this cooling pad relies on its water-saturated Cool Core that’s located inside the cover. The water has a powerful chilling effect and will be more than enough to ward off the warmth, even if you live in a hot climate. For best results, you should keep this cooling pad in the shade or indoors, as the water will get heated in the sun and it defeats its purpose. K&H Pet Products Cool Bed comes in small, medium, and large size.

Coleman Pressure Activated Cooling Pad

This cute bone-shaped cooling mat stays 5 to 10 degrees cooler than room temperature–perfect if you want your pooch to be pleasantly chilly at all times. Because of this optimal temperature, this cooling mad is a good choice both for seniors and pooches looking to get a break from summer’s scorching temperatures. Just place it over their bed or place somewhere in the shade wherever they’ll be the coziest, and the cooling gel inside this mat will do the rest. In addition to the bone shape, Coleman Pressure Activated Cooling Pad comes in a classic rectangular shape. The dimensions of this mat are 24 inches wide by 30 inches long.

PETPLUS Dog Cooling Mat

If you have a destructive pooch and you’re worried about them ruining their cooling mat- and with it, spilling water or potentially toxic gel, then this pad is the solution for you. Cool and comfy, this cooling mat for dogs contains no cooling gel or water and instead relies on high-tech cooling fiber to provide the desired effect. It’s lightweight, easy to fold and take with you wherever you go and it doesn’t need any kind of maintenance to keep its chill. The dimensions of PETPLUS Dog Cooling Mat are 43.3 by 31.5 inches.

The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat

This patented pressure activated gel mat will keep your four-legged companion refreshed for up to 3 hours, whether it’s hot outside or not. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated or powered in any way to keep its cool: 15 to 20 minutes of non-use is all it takes for this pad to be crisp and cool again. Easy to clean and budget-friendly, this cooling mat for dogs is also compact and easy to store, so if you are looking for a travel-friendly option, this is a good choice. The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat is available in 5 sizes: small, medium, medium/large, large, and extra large.

AVANTPET Reversible Comfortable Pet Cooling Pads for Small Dogs

If you have a small dog, why purchase a cooling bed that most of their body will never touch? The Avantpet Reversible Pet Cooling Pad is the perfect side, made just for small dogs. This pad is mold free, waterproof and keeps bugs off. The premium design is reversible, and you can pick from a variety of 20 choices! The cool gel is made of extremely safe FDA approved food grade quality gel. The pad is also filled with Phytoncide which is a substance that is emitted by plants and trees giving off the small of the forest. This aroma will help your dog relieve their stress and help them sleep deeper. The microfiber fabric is washable and easy to clean and the gel freezes like a slushy rather than solid like other mats so you can use it with your dog immediately.

CoolerDog Dog Cooling Pad

For those dogs that are at a higher risk of overheating in the summer, an additional boost of cooling power is always welcome. Well, this cooling mat claims to have 10 times more cooling power than your regular cooling gel pad, and it’s not surprising. It consists out of three layers: a waterbed cushion, a FlexiFreeze Ice Sheet, and a 1/2” thick insulating foam insert. You can bet that all that cooling properties will keep your pooch perfectly refreshed even in sweltering summer. CoolerDog Dog Cooling Pad dimensions are 23 by 18 inches.

PAWZ Road Self-Cooling Mat

Easy to keep clean, store away, and travel with, this convenient self-cooling mat is great for dogs of all ages. Made from breathable mesh and ice silk, it’s cool to touch and offers a pleasant and soothing chilling effect to the pooch napping on it. It’s a great topper for your pet’s bed, and while it might not cool down an overheating dog, it will be a fantastic everyday cooling mat for an arthritic senior. The dimensions of this machine-washable mat are 20 by 30 inches.


The innovative design is what makes this cooling mat so cool- it uses a breathable mesh cover and a plastic noodle mattress inside it to promote better air circulation under your pooch and cool them off with a pleasant breeze. In addition to its cooling effect, the thickness of the cushion makes this pad comfy and cozy for pooches of all sizes. ALL FOR PAWS Pet Cool Mat comes in 3 sizes–small, medium and large–and 3 colors–blue, green, and orange.

Symptoms of overheating in dogs

Many pet owners don’t realize how easily dogs get overheated. From leaving their pets in hot cars to not knowing how much outdoor playtime is OK in the summer, people can end up endangering their dog simply because they’re not informed enough, not because they are negligent. One of the more common reasons why pawrents get cooling pads for their pets is that they want to make sure that their dog has a safe way to cool down when the temperature outside is too high. But how do you know when the heat is becoming a bit too much for your pooch and when they can handle the warmth?

First of all, some dogs handle high summer temperatures better than others. There are categories of canines that are at a higher risk of overheating such as seniors or puppies, dogs that are sick or have a chronic condition, brachycephalic breeds, and so on. But that doesn’t mean that other dogs are immune to the effects of extreme weather. If your dog is overheating, here are the symptoms he will exhibit:

  • Heavy panting
  • Excessive drooling
  • Reddened tongue or gums
  • Fast pulse
  • Weakness
  • Seizures

Overheating in dogs can lead to heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and even death in severe cases. To prevent your pet overheating in the first place, make sure to keep them cooled down during extreme heat in the summer.

How do cooling pads and mats for dogs work?

The reason why cooling mats are such a popular product that they help dogs cool down efficiently. If you notice your pooch panting too much or they’ve been running around for too long in the sun and you want them to stop and cool down a bit, place a cooling mat in the shade or a breezy spot in your home and they’ll have no problem getting their body temperature down. And the reason is very simple–the way cooling pads work is based on the principles of thermal equilibrium. Essentially, this means that the object with a higher temperature (in this case, your pooch) will transfer heat to the object with a lower temperature (cooling pad) when they are in direct contact.

This way, the heat dissipates gradually but still fast enough, and in a healthy way that won’t endanger your pet as an icy bath would. In fact, the effect is the same as when a pet lies on cold tiles to cool off (which they often do), but it’s much comfier.

To achieve this effect, cooling pads for dogs usually rely either on water, special gels with a cooling effect, or by using mesh materials that provide superior breathability and let air circulate under your pet, thus cooling them down. Depending on how heat-prone your area is and how sensitive your pooch is, some types of cooling pads might work better than others, so make sure to look for specific features before you make the decision. Just because a cooling pad has great reviews, it doesn’t have to mean it will do great for your dog’s needs!

What to look for in cooling pads and mats for dogs

The way all cooling pads work might be the same, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that all cooling pads and mats for dogs are alike. There are differences in everything from dimensions to the price tag, and what works for some dogs might not be the ideal option for your own. That’s why, before you get to the choosing and buying part, you need to know what it is exactly what you should look for. Knowing what features are essential and which you could do without will make the process so much easier and ensure you get the best bang for your buck.


This might seem like the most obvious thing to look for- of course, you’ll want the bed’s dimensions to suit your dog’s size. But in the case of cooling pads and mats it’s not just about the matter of having enough room to nap on, but about the cooling effect. If your dog’s body is not completely on the pad, it will not cool as efficiently, so going a size up is a great idea.


Let’s face it- most pet pawrents are looking to buy a cooling mat for their dog to be used when they are outdoors. When you’re going camping, to the park or want to pack it for your next vacation, the ease of portability is an important factor. Foldable mats are the best option for people who want a travel-friendly cooling pad, so pay attention to the filling (gel does well, and water-based will have to be emptied before packing).

Cooling power

Ideally, a cooling pad would be a 5 to 10 degrees Celsius colder than the air temperature to help your pooch cool down efficiently. Not all cooling pads and mats for dogs deliver these results, so if you live in a heat-prone area, it would be wise to double-check their cooling power before buying.

Ease of maintenance

If your dog is going to be lying on it, you want it to be easy to clean. Simple as that. The most convenient option is when cooling pads and mats for dogs come with washable covers that can be thrown in the machine for cleaning whenever your pooch makes a mess.


Even if you plan on having your dog use his cooling pad in the summer and not throughout the year, you want it to be able to withstand heavy-duty use with ease. Especially if your four-legged companion likes to scratch his bed before lying down! Sometimes, it pays off to go for the higher quality option even if it’s a bit pricier–it will definitely pay off in the end.

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