Buying Guide: Best Dog Food Storage Containers

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

Dog food storage containers help keep kibble fresh for longer and make storage more convenient than just keeping the food in the bag it came in. But which dog food storage containers give you the best bang for the buck? Read on to find out.

Dry food for dogs is the most common type of pet food around: most pawrents opt for kibble as their furry child’s primary source of nutrients, and it’s clear to see why. Kibble is usually affordable, provides a balanced diet without much effort, it’s convenient and readily available. But, if you don’t store it properly, it loses all of those features. If you leave kibble in contact with air, it will become stale and inedible, without any of the nutritional value it had and you’ll end up losing money because you’ll have to toss all that stale kibble in the trash. That’s the reason why quality dog food storage containers are a must if you feed your pet dry food. They’ll give you a convenient place to store weeks worth of food, and they’ll keep it perfectly fresh throughout all that time.

Why do I need specific storage containers for dog food?

Of course, you might think that any old container will do, as long as it’s not just the ripped bag in which kibble came in, but you’d be wrong. Not only that it’s very easy for kibble to get stale (even without you knowing it), but all kinds of pests would love nothing more than to find their way to your dog’s food stash. Also, your dog himself would probably love it if you keep kibble somewhere where pests can get to it – as it would mean he could, too. To prevent all of these troublesome scenarios, you should keep kibble in airtight containers designed to make sure no air gets in, and no curious critters get to feast on the contents of the container.

There are plenty of dog food storage containers out there, some boasting a cute design, others a budget-friendly price tag, and some both. But, not all of them are worth your money in the long run- some break more easily than others or don’t keep air out that well, and throwing your hard-earned money on junk is just silly. To make sure you’ll find the right size and type of dog food storage container for your needs, we’ve put together a list of the tried-and-true ones that all the pet parents are raving about – as well as some helpful pointers on what to look for in dog food storage containers if none of these happen to match your preferences.

1. Editor’s Choice – simplehuman Stainless Steel Food Storage

In case you want something durable, stylish, and designed to meet every pet parent’s needs, you can’t go wrong with this superior stainless steel container. The lock-tight handle that clamps shut and the silicone gasket for an airtight seal make sure that no air or moisture get into the kibble- let alone your pet. Inside the durable and elegant stainless steel container, there is an inner bucket that holds the kibble and it’s made from BPA-free plastic that’s safe for storing food. For added convenience, there’s also a magnetic lid-mounted scoop that makes serving hassle-free. The only potential downside to this all-around impressive dog food storage container is its steep price. simplehuman Stainless Steel Food Storage is available in 25 liter, 30 liter, and 35 liter capacity.

2. Runner Up – IRIS 3-Piece Airtight Pet Food Container Combo

This set comes with one big food container, one smaller that sits atop of it and a matching scoop. The capacity of the two airtight containers is 33 quarts and 12 quarts, and the scoop holds 2 cups of kibble. Made from high-quality BPA-free plastic, this stackable dog food container is airtight and has wheels, so it’s great if you want something easily portable. The bottom container fits 15 lbs bag of kibble, and the top can be used to store treats (or extra kibble if you buy bigger bags). IRIS 3-piece food container set comes in 12 different lid color options.

3. Best Stackable – Gamma2 Vittles Vault Airtight Stackable Pet Food Container

When you have more than one pet in your family, or maybe use more than one type of kibble, stackable dog food storage containers are an ideal option. These fit neatly one atop of the other, so everything is at the tip of your fingertips when you need it. Made from heavy-duty, food-grade plastic, these food containers have a patented airtight seal that will keep your pet’s kibble fresh for longer – and all odors from it trapped inside the container. Thanks to its robust and tough construction, these containers are pest-proof and can even be kept outdoors. The container is available in 15, 25, 30, 40, 35, 50, 60 and 80 pound capacities.

4. Best with Measuring Cup – PISSION Pet Food Storage Container

Do you have a puppy or a toy breed dog whose food comes in small bags better suited to their petite stature? If so, you might be having a problem finding a food container that will work for kibble but still be small enough to hold their usual dose of food. This portable, handheld food container is made from PP food-grade plastic and has a silicone seal ring under the lid that creates an airtight lock- everything you want in a dog food container. Plus, it has a measuring cup right there on the lid, so you don’t have to second guess how much kibble you’re pouring in your pet’s bowl. PISSION Pet Food Storage Container has a 2.5-liter capacity.

5. Best Tower – Richell Pet Stuff Tower for Food Storage

For those pet pawrents who want everything perfectly organized, Richell Pet Stuff Tower is the invention of their dreams. Not only does this container have two 8 pound capacity storage bins which are great for storing kibble, but it also has space for all your pet’s other stuff – toys, treats, or cans of wet food. To boot, there’s also a side hook to hang your pet’s leash or poop bags- literally, every single pet accessory and product can be stored in one place with this nifty storage tower. Snap-lock lids make sure that the kibble doesn’t go stale and that no pests can get in – and the compartments are made from BPA-free plastic.

6. Best Premium – IRIS Premium Airtight Pet Food Storage

No frills, but superior construction: this dog food container might not have the bells and whistles others have but it’s tough, durable, and has wheels on the bottom for easier portability. The airtight lid prevents air and moisture from getting in, so your dog’s food is fresh and bacteria-free as long as it’s stored in it. Also, this container is made from BPA-free plastic that’s safe to use for storing food. In case you need something simple but highly functional, you’ll love this budget-friendly container. IRIS Premium Airtight Pet Food Storage comes in 4 different capacities: 67 QT, 44 QT, 1 Count and 480 Fl Oz.

7. Best Size Variety – Bergan Smart Storage

The innovative design of these stackable food containers allows you to save space and easily access kibble at all times. Gasket seals and snappable lids keep the container airtight and dry food fresh and nutritious for longer. Bergan Smart Storage containers come in small (10-pound capacity), medium (24-pound capacity), and large (50-pound capacity).

8. Best Durable – Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Edition

You’d be hard-pressed to find a tougher dog food storage container that gives you this much value for money. Affordable yet incredibly well made, this airtight food storage container boasts heavy-duty food-grade materials, superior seal, and impressive capacity of 50 pounds. It’s weatherproof and pest-proof, so you can keep it on your porch or backyard if space is sparse in your home-without worrying about damage. It also offers five more selections for capacity: 15, 25, 30, 35, and 80 pounds.

9 Best Elevated – IRIS USA Elevated Feeder with Airtight Storage

Why not make your pet’s food storage container the place he eats, as well? And it’s not about him sticking his nose under the lid and pigging out. The lid of this storage container makes it double as a feeding station, as it has two removable stainless steel bowls. Perfect if you want to save space in the room or need an elevated feeder to keep your pup’s digestion optimal. Of course, plastic storage is both airtight and BPA-free. It offers three different storage options including small, medium and large.

10. Best for Multi Pet Households – Komax Biokips Large Food Storage Container

Fully stackable, this dog food container can fit in any pantry with ease. The design features a sleek open door hatch that forms an airtight seal when closed thanks to the silicon band, making sure that your pooch’s kibble stays crunchy and fresh. Having in mind its large capacity, that’s even more important, as you’ll be able to store the food for longer. The hatch is also generously sized so you can easily access the good and portion it out with the measuring cup that comes included. Made from BPA-free, recyclable PP labeled as 100 percent food grade, this durable pet food container is both heat-resistant and dishwasher safe. Komax Biokips Large Food Storage Container will comfortably hold around 15 lbs of kibble, so if you have a big dog or multiple pets, don’t hesitate.

11. Best 2-Pack – GreenJoy 2 Pack Pet Food Storage Container

If convenience is what you’re after, this is the container to go for. Made with BPA-free plastic that is safe for both pets and humans, this dry food storage stands out because of the lid design. Fully airtight, it has a handy spout that is covered with a measuring cup so you’ll be able to pour your pet’s kibble, portion it out, and go about your business in seconds, without having to fully open the container in the first place. The capacity of this pet food storage container is 2 lbs, so it’s a good choice for small and medium dog breeds. And to make things even better, GreenJoy Pet Food Storage Container comes in a pack of two, so if your pet is eating different kibble throughout the week or if you have more than one pet in your family, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone!

12. Best for Travel – Vittles Vault Gamma TRAVEL-tainer

For pooches that are always on the go, a portable dog food container will quickly become an essential item on the to-pack list. In case you often go on adventures with your pet, whether those are long hikes in nature, road trips, or weekend getaways, this airtight, portable, and compact kibble container will help you bring your pet’s meals with you without much hassle. Made from clarified polypropylene and high-density polyethylene which is both BPA-free and approved by the FDA as food-grade plastic, this food container is also fully recyclable.

Vittles Vault Gamma TRAVEL-tainer holds 6 cups of food, which is more than enough for most pooches, at least for shorter trips. The “lids” double as bowls, so you can use them to serve your pet’s meals as well as water- each will hold up to 3 cups of liquid or kibble.

Do you need to use dog food storage containers?

Many people say that you can and should keep kibble in the bag after you’ve opened it. After all, the bag itself is designed to keep kibble fresh, so it should work, right? In theory, yes, but you’d have to seal it pretty well for it to keep working the intended way. The smallest leak will let enough air in to spoil your pet’s kibble or make it go stale and lose its flavor and nutritional value. And that’s not the only problematic thing about keeping the kibble in the bag. Bugs, rodents, and even your own pet can easily get to kibble if you leave it in an accessible place, protected by the bag itself. While you can keep kibble in a bag and hope for the best, it wouldn’t be the sensible thing to do when you can easily find inexpensive dog food storage containers that will do the job perfectly.

Dog food storage containers are designed to do just what their name suggests – store dry food for dogs. This means that every potential problem is already accounted for and a way to prevent it incorporated into the design. It might seem like an unnecessary bother to find, buy, and use a separate container for your dog’s food when you might use the bag it was packed in, or a container you have lying around somewhere around the house.

Here’s exactly why dog food storage containers are a smarter choice:

Kibble remains fresh for longer

In contact with air, kibble can get stale, lose its flavor, and change texture from crunchy to soft. While not the most dangerous thing that can happen when dry food is not stored properly, it will definitely make your pet less interested in the food you’re offering (if interested at all). Also, when kibble gets stale, it loses its nutritional value. Even if your dog has no standards when it comes to taste and texture of his food (which is way more common than you’d think), they’ll be eating food that offers no nutrients they need to function properly. As long as they’re airtight, you can also use Ziploc bags for traveling or if you’re constantly on the go with your pet.

In a nutshell – you’ll be losing money on kibble as it becomes inedible, and your pet won’t be eating food that he needs to stay healthy. Dog food storage containers are designed to be airtight, which means that kibble is always fresh as it was the first day you opened the bag. It will remain crunchy and nutritious as long as it’s stored like this, so you won’t be wasting your money on stale kibble even if you buy big bags of kibble for your fur babies.

No mold or bacteria

Improperly stored dry food is exposed to air and moisture, which makes an ideal environment for mold and bacteria to fester in it. It goes without saying that food that has bacteria and mycotoxins present in it is not suited for eating – and you probably wouldn’t know what you’re pouring in your dog’s bowl until it’s too late. By storing food in a clean, airtight container, you eliminate the possibility of contamination.

Pesky pests stay away

You might think you don’t share your home with any pests (except your dog or your spouse) but it might not be true. From insects to rodents, you might be surprised at what lurks in your home – and loves nothing more than to make its home in your pet’s food. A rip in the bag or a loose top on a container are all these critters need to soil your dog’s kibble and force you to toss it all in the trash. That can’t happen in a securely closed container!


Sure, leaving the kibble in the bag can be an easy fix to some people, but it’s far easier to keep your pet’s food in storage designed for it. Dog food storage containers come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from those that come with food bowls included, allowing you to make a feeding station with one purchase, to those that have wheels and can be easily moved around. After all, you have to serve your pet kibble at least once a day, so why not make store it in a convenient location and a convenient container?

What to look for in dog food storage containers

If you already know that having a container for your dog’s food is the best option for storing, finding that perfect storage solution can be difficult. To know what type of dog food storage containers would work for you, you have to know what’s being offered out there in the first place. Regardless of your personal preferences and needs, here are the most important features that ANY dog food storage container has to have:


If a storage container for kibble isn’t airtight, don’t get it. The whole purpose of a container is to prevent air from getting in and with it moisture, mold, and bacteria. The lid should close tightly even after a lot of use–so pick a high-quality container.

Safe materials

One of the more important features to consider is the material of the container for kibble- you want to make sure that the container is not leeching toxic elements into the kibble you’d later be serving to your pet. Stainless steel, wood, ceramic, and food-grade plastic are the safest choices. This is one of the reasons why ‘regular’ plastic containers won’t cut it – you might save a few bucks, but it won’t be safe for use.

Proper capacity

Pay attention to the container’s capacity before you buy it! If you get your pet a big 15 lbs bag, you can’t expect to fit it all in a 5-liter container. Similarly, if a small bag of kibble goes a long way for your toy Yorkie, there’s no sense buying a chunky container that would be half-empty most of the time.

As for the rest, it will largely depend on your preferences. Features such as style and design, stackability, added wheels for portability and other perks can be important to some pet pawrents, but others want something without any bells and whistles. Just make sure that the basic requirements such as airtight cover, food-safe materials, and proper capacity are met, and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

How long can I keep dry dog food once opened?

Dry dog food should be consumed ideally within 6 weeks of opening the packet or bag, and kibble should only be left out for a day or so at maximum so it won’t become stale.

Is it safe to store dry dog food in the refrigerator?

It’s ideal to store dry dog food at the optimal temperature as recommended by the manufacturer, and this is typically in a cool, dry place at room temperature (not exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit). Unless explicitly specified on the package, you shouldn’t store dry dog food in the refrigerator.

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