Chilly Dogs Need Shed Defender’s New Winter Fleece

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
It’s the time of year you may find yourself wondering, “Is there anything better than seeing my dog lounge around comfortably in the comfy and cozy Shed Defender?”

We’re here to tell you that there is—and it’s being able to let your dog enjoy the cooler temperatures and snowy weather without worrying about him turning into a Popsicle, thanks to Shed Defender’s new Winter Fleece.

The Winter Fleece is designed to keep dogs warm and cozy, even in frigid temperatures. No more hanging balls of ice on their fur; Shed Defender’s Winter Fleece will keep them snug as bugs in a rug through whatever chills come their way. And if you’re planning a road trip this holiday season, the Winter Fleece Shed Defender will come in handy – not only will it keep your dog calm while you travel, it will also keep fur off your car seats.

And because size really does matter, the Shed Defender Winter Fleece comes in eight sizes, for dogs up to 150 lbs. That’s just one of the features that make this onesie so unique, as there aren’t that many winter wear options for bigger dogs. From Chihuahuas to Saint Bernards, the Shed Defender Winter Fleece is the must-have essential for dogs of all sizes this winter.

My, What Soft Material You Have

The Shed Defender Winter Fleece is made from a premium French fleece fabric. This fabric is a polyester and spandex blend that feels super soft and oh-so-cozy. And it’s stretchy so that your dog is able to run and play. That means your furry friends who have places to go and people to see can do so warmly, and without the extra bulk.

Why We’re Such Big Fans

We’ve loved Shed Defender’s onesie for dogs for about as long as it’s been around. Not only does it do an impeccable job keeping your pet’s hair inside (and therefore, off your floors and sofa), it’s indispensable help when it comes to helping relieve anxiety for dogs in situations like thunder storms, fireworks display or traveling to and from the many places we love to take our dogs.

The Shed Defender is also the perfect solution for replacing cones of shame that can leave your dog disoriented after a medical procedure. They’re great for protecting your dog from ticks and mosquito bites when you’re outside, and for those with allergies (human and canine alike), they can reduce allergic symptoms by keeping allergens at bay. And now, with the Winter Fleece, they can be warm wherever they go this winter.

Separating from Anxiety

The Shed Defender Winter Fleece is also vet approved. Shed Defender’s founders worked with veterinarian Dr. Peter Lands to design the best possible product. Our dogs’ comfort and safety are their number one priority, which is why veterinarians often recommend the Shed Defender as an alternative to medical collars or cones.

Shed Defender does an amazing job of protecting wounds that need to heal without your dog ‘helping’ them along with lots of licks and nibbles. These onesies prevent your dog from getting to the wound without immobilizing them (due to the lampshade around their neck).

But even better, the Shed Defender helps reduce anxiety. Because it snugly fits and applies a gentle pressure to your dog, it’s like he’s being wrapped in a big hug. The gentle pressure helps dogs feel more secure and confident, and that translates into a comfy calm for you and your pet. Pet parents love it especially for separation anxiety when they need to be apart from their dogs.

Hair Today, None Tomorrow

And, of course the Shed Defender is terrific at doing what it was originally designed to do: defend your house from unwanted shedding. It keeps your dog’s fur off the floors, the sofas, the car seats or when you go on visits to the neighbors. Reduce the time you spend cleaning up after the tumbleweeds everywhere.

You might think it’d be tough to put on but the stretchy fleece slips easily over the head and then you insert your dog’s legs with step-in. The zipper keeps it nice and snug, and you don’t ever need to really take it off because you can unzip it when it’s time for your pup to go potty.

If you do need to take it off to wash it, that’s a breeze too. The unique properties of the French fleece keep the dog’s hair from getting tangled up in the fabric and it is machine washable and dryer friendly. Plus, it looks brand new every time you wash it.

The Shed Defender Winter Fleece doesn’t just keep your things clean, but it keeps your dog clean too. You can protect your dog from ticks or other insects that carry illness and disease and the Shed Defender also keeps your dog protected from stickers or burrs getting caught in their fur. Those suckers hurt, and they’re a non-issue with the Shed Defender.

Don’t let the cold temperatures keep your pup inside. Join the Onesie Club with the Shed Defender Winter Fleece. One wear this winter and your dog will be asking where that soft fleece feeling’s been all his life.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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