DIY Dog Halloween Costume: Tim Hortons Coffee Cup

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We’ve saved the best for last… and we’re going to savor this cup of Oscar! Tim Hortons, aka Timmies, is the coffee brew of choice in our home. And we’d like to tip our toque to the legendary roast with this DIY Dog Halloween Costume – it’s a Tim Hortons Coffee Cup! No need to roll up the rim to win, because if you try, all you’ll get is a kiss on the nose from Oscar!

What you’ll need:

Oscar’s take on the Canadian classic beverage is sweet, and will perk up your Halloween!Dark brown paper (a few sheets, depending on how large the cone is)

Tim Horton’s Logo (Printed out on a color printer

Hot Glue

Clear tape

Cone of Shame

Red baby onesie


  1. Cover both sides of the cone with the brown paper. Use hot glue and/or clear tape to secure the paper to the cone. Be sure that you leave the paper loose around the cone’s tab so you can attach it to your dog.
  2. Cut out the logos and space out the flattened cone. They’ll need to be glued on the outside of the cone.
  3. Put your dog in the red onesie. You may need to roll up the arms on the onesie to fit your dog.
  4. Your dog is ready to be dipped and drunk!