IHeartDogs Serves Up 8 Million Meals To Shelter Animals

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Thanks to shoppers like you, iHeartDogs was able to donate 8 million meals to shelter dogs and cats. Here’s how this online shop helps dogs and people every time someone buys a product.

It all started with a dog named Splash. A few years ago, Justin Palmer, the founder of iHeartDogs.com, decided to adopt a Husky (named, you guessed it, Splash). This simple act of compassion inspired him to do more – a lot more!

Offering a plethora of online goods for pet lovers, iHeartDogs.com’s unique products are not only cool, they come with purpose driven initiatives that you can feel proud to be a part of.

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Here’s an example: Take a look at their adorbs bracelets. When you purchase one of these charmers, you help pair a dog with a veteran or help cover the cost of a mammogram for a shelter animal.

Here’s another: One of their awesome t-shirts can feed up to 14 shelter dogs, while buying your pooch a dental treat could feed seven dogs in need.

You get the picture.

The crew work closely with shelters and nonprofits using Rescue Bank to deliver (freight paid) shipments to smaller, less visible nonprofits that have limited access to resources. The team are exceptionally diligent about following through on their commitment to making a difference by providing honest, transparent data that will show you exactly how your contribution made a real difference in a real shelter to a real dog who is waiting for their forever home.

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So what’s next in iHeartDog’s plan to make a difference? For 2017, they’ll be donating more than 30,000 toys to shelters through their Project Play program (hey, what’s a dog without a ball, right?) and over $50,000 to veterans needing service dogs via the Pets for Vets program.

And to think… it all started with a splash!

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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