“Clear The Shelters” Pet Adoption Campaign Launches August 19

NBC and Telemundo Stations are teaming up with Petco in a nationwide campaign to Clear the Shelters. Encouraging people to choose a rescue pet and helping them with their new fur babies.

Petco are a speciality pet retailer who focus on the relationships between people and their pets. For over 50 years they’ve been working with the public to help people care for their pets. With their product range, unique services, and wise words of advice they are dedicated to pet care all over the US.

For the second year running, they are sponsoring the Clear the Shelters campaign run on NBCUniversal TV stations. Ambassadors from Petco will be visiting pet shelters all over the country to give advice to anyone who is adopting a pet and handing out their Welcome to the Family packs which include some useful coupons and lots of great tips for bringing home a new pet.

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Clear the Shelters is now in its third year and has grown in popularity year on year. Hundreds of animal rescue shelters have signed up to participate. They are doing their part by reducing or waiving their adoption fees. Since 2015 the campaign has helped more than 70,000 pets find a new home. That’s pretty amazing!

If you’ve been considering bringing a new pet into your home, then now’s the time to do it. Don’t forget, it’s not just cats and dogs that need a loving forever home, rescue centres also have rabbits, guinea pigs and even hamsters and mice that need a good home. So before you go to a pet store for a smaller pet, check out the rescue centers first.

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You can easily find your nearest rescue shelter participating in the campaign by checking out the interactive map at Cleartheshelters.com There’s plenty more great information on the site too so do take a good look around. There’s tips about adopting a new pet, and some inspiring and heartwarming stories about past adoption successes.

The campaign will also be running on social media. Look out for the hashtags and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the latest campaign news.

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