Kickstarter’s Moxie is First Ever Smartphone for Pets

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The market for wearable pet tech is booming- many pet parents are eager to try out whatever new gadget designers come up with. One of the most recent tech creations for furbabies is Moxie, a dog-friendly smartphone. Yup, you’ve read it right: your dog might not have opposable thumbs, but why would it mean that they don’t get to have a phone?

Dubbed “first ever smartphone for pets,” Moxie functions as a pet camera with two-way communication

Dubbed “first ever smartphone for pets,” Moxie functions as a pet camera with two-way audio communication. Its main features, which are what makes this tiny gadget really cool, are the fact that your pet can call your phone simply by barking, and that the camera view you get access to shows you the world from your pet’s perspective, rather than a view from your living room coffee table or bookcase. Since Moxie is worn a dog’s chest, as it is attached to a harness, you’ll get a direct live stream of what your pet sees right to your phone. Cool, right?

The video is sent directly to you via a smartphone app, and you can screenshot or download the contents to share with your friends and family on social media. Hey, why would you be the one who gets to know what Fido does when you’re not at home? While the video feature of Moxie is definitely the most entertaining one, the two-way audio function is what could be useful to pet parents with anxious pooches. Since the call is triggered by barking, you’ll be able to quickly see why your pet is being loud and soothe them with your calming voice. Of course, this could end up being a double-edged sword, if you happen to have a particularly yappy pup- they’ll be “calling” you every few minutes!

Currently, Moxie is available only via its Kickstarter campaign. Check it out if you want your pooch to be one of the first canines to get their paws on this fab wearable tech!