Product Review: The Monster Factory’s VW Campervan Pet Carrier

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic
We flashback to the ‘60s for our review of The Monster Factory’s VW Campervan Pet Carrier. If the van is a ‘rockin… it’s because my two dogs fit inside of it.

Some women are shoe fanatics. Others prefer jewellery. Me? I go gaga for pet carriers.

Pet carriers are “officially” my thing. I am obsessed with them. I have a dog purse for every occasion, in a range of colors and fabrics. And when I saw The Monster Factory’s VW Campervan Pet Carrier online, I knew that it would soon join my collection (*Insert evil laugh here).

What first grabbed my attention, of course, was that classic VW design. Those iconic RVs of the 1960s never go out of style, and this pet carrier is its own fashion statement. Plus, it’s officially licensed by Volkswagen – it’s the real deal, no knock-offs for this pet carrier aficionado!

Another key point is the length of the VW Campervan Pet Carrier. Forget built to scale – this carrier seems like it offers the same floor plan as the motorized version. Measuring in at 23.6” by 11.81” by 11.81, there’s plenty of room for pets, travel essentials, a kitchen sink, whatever. I’m not kidding – this carrier goes on forever. Oscar is thinking of renovating and renting out the basement apartment! Sure, there’s room enough for Zed, but Oscar still hasn’t made up his mind about the new guy.

A few other things the VW Campervan Pet Carrier features:

  • Mesh windows so pets can see what traffic is coming at them
  • Lightweight, strong, and long
  • Comfortable and convenient carry handle and strap
  • Folds flat for easy storage when not in use

I’m going to turn things over to my furry pals, Oscar and Zed, to give you the grand tour of the VW Campervan Pet Carrier.

Got my lifejacket on and I’m ready to hit the road! Let’s go before the new guy catches wind of our summer plans.

Crap. He found out. Who told? Zed, I hate to break it to you, but there’s not enough room for you in here.

Look! I’m an VW RV Camper!

Oscar, I don’t know what you’re talking about, I fit in just fine.


The Verdict

I love the VW Campervan Pet Carrier, and it’s coming with me whenever I’ve got to bring my dogs along with me for the ride.

It’s perfect for anyone who has small pets – cats or dogs – and can fit two small dogs comfortable.

You can’t have mine – go buy your own at The Monster Factory for $45.

Note: was NOT compensated for this review. Our reviewer received a VW Campervan Pet Carrier to review. The opinions expressed in this post are the author’s. We provide unbiased feedback of the products and share products we think our readers would enjoy using and learning more about.

Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

Amy Tokic, Editor of, is a passionate animal lover and proud pet parent of Oscar, a Shih Tzu/Chihuahua cross, and Zed, a Japanese Chin. Her love of animals began in kindergarten, when she brought her stuffed dog Snoopy into class with her every day. Now, she writes about her adventures in pet ownership and tirelessly researches products, news and health related issues she can share with other animal enthusiasts. In her free time, Amy loves perusing used book and record stores, obsessing over the latest pet products available and chasing squirrels with wild abandon (a habit attributed to spending too much time with her pooches).

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