Top 10 Last Minute Holiday Gifts For The Pets (And Pet People) In Your Life

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If you’re like most of us, you feel like you have a ton of time left to do your shopping and then you realize that your days of Prime Shipping are limited! Yikes! What are you going to get your faithful furry friends? And their humans? No worries–we’ve found the top ten last minute holiday gifts guaranteed to make smiles happen!

The Furbo is on a great deal for Amazon Prime Day Canada

1. Furbo Treat Dispenser

This is THE gift for pets and their parents. AND it’s on such a good sale! It’s almost half off, and even better priced than it was for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Guaranteed to make you the best gift-giver (and pet parent ever), pick up a few at this price!

These plush toys are great last minute gifts

2. Dog Diggin iBone

Has your dog been harassing you for its very own iBone? Guess what? You can make that wish come true with this adorable chew toy from Dog Diggin! If you prefer a bit bigger, you can always get Fido an iPawd…either way, they’ll be covered in the fun technology all the cool pups are talking about.

The angel willow figurine is a great last-minute gift

3. Willow Tree Angel of Friendship

This is the perfect gift for that special dog parent you know…whether they’ve brought a new puppy into their family or they’ve lost a beloved furry friend, this beautiful figurine will sweetly show the special bond between pet parents and their babies.

Puppy socks are great last minute gifts for pet parents

4. Puppy Socks

Every pet parent you know wants to keep their paws feet nice and warm this winter, right? Let these adorable six-packs of puppy socks take care of that job! There are lots of different patterns too, if kittehs (or even owls) are more your jam!

This sherpa blanket is a great last minute gift for pet parents

5. Sherpa Dog Blanket

Why fight it? The dogs are going to get on the sofa because : comfort. So, since there’s no use keeping them off, you might as well make sure they’re comfy (and your sofa stays somewhat clean). This Sherpa dog blanket is a win-win for Fifi and for you!

Stuffies are great last minute gifts for pet parents

6. Jalousie 5-Pack Stuffie Toys

These are the cat’s meow. Okay, okay, really they’re mostly for the dogs but still, they rock. It’s a combo pack of stuffies and stuffing-less toys that will give your pup endless hours of squeaky fun!

This doggy duvet cover is a great last minute holiday gift

7. Doggie Duvet Cover

They sleep with you anyway, you might as well make the bedding match the mates, right?! This duvet and pillowcase set has tons of breeds to share the covers with and let’s be real…is it really a good night’s sleep without a dog (or 20!)???

This mug is a great last minute holiday gift8. Mornings Are Ruff Mug

We like big mugs and we cannot lie…especially when they have adorable dogs speaking truth: Mornings ARE Ruff! This mug will make any pet person clamor through the morning with some catitude. Okay, dogitude, but still.

Holiday fudge in a cute dog tin is a great last minute holiday gift

9. Scotland Fudge Dog Tin

So this one is all you (or your pet-loving friend or family member) because doggies can’t have fudge. Which is a shame because this delicious, handmade Scottish fudge is divine. And the tin is a fun collector tin that will be great for treats or other doggy things.

Giggle balls are great last minute holiday gifts10. Dog Giggle Balls

If you want to watch your dog lose her ever-loving mind, you’ll simply need to click “Buy Now” and have these babies on their two-days way to you! It’s a shaky, motion-activated ball that you put in the hilarious looking plushie cover and then…watch them go nuts. It’s a great toy that they can play with themselves and great for getting the wiggles out of puppies (big dogs too)!