Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Dogs

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis

It’s the day of love, and who else deserves all the loves more than your dog? Check out the top 10 Valentine’s Day gifts for dogs we’ve found.

Yes, I give my dogs Valentine’s Day gifts, just like I give the other members of my family sweet little treats for Valentine’s Day. And, my dogs seem to be the most appreciative of the gesture, which leads me to spoiling them rotten! Here are the ten Valentine’s Day gifts bound to make your dog love you even more. (As if he could.)

1. Hyper Pet Cozy Belly


These furry and fun toys were designed specifically for those special times you and your pup are enjoying each other’s company, and it’s perfect for simply tugging back and forth or engaging him with the squeaker for some mental stimulation. It’s soft and furry and perfect for bed time too.

2. Hyper Pet Tough Plush

Buuuut….if your pupster would prefer to really dig into his animal instincts and take a tiger to town, Hyper Pet has their tough plush line that’s double stitched and double layered for even the toughest chewers. Trust me. I have heavy-duty chewers and they love these tough plushies because they keep them challenged.

3. Aussie Naturals Brunchies

Why take your dog out for Valentine’s Day when you two can just stay in and enjoy a burger together. Well, your dog might enjoy this Brunchie by Aussie Naturals just a bit more. It’s made with 100% sustainable materials and has lots of different eco-friendly scents to keep your pup interested, and doesn’t give either of you extra calories!

4. My Furry Valentine Bandana

Who wants a funny Valentine when they can have a furry one instead? (Though let’s face it, your pooch can be pretty doggone entertaining too!) This bandana will tell everyone he/she’s taken and they’ll look so good, you might even want them to wear it year-round. (But, PS, there’s also a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” bandana you may want to switch out for next month!)

5. Free Kisses Shirt

Why keep all your best girl’s kisses to yourself? You know she’s a lover, and everyone else will too with this adorable “I give free kisses” shirt. It’s machine washable and super cute–but beware, your gal may have to put some of those kisses out!

Water Buffalo Jerky

6. Water Buffalo Jerky

If you’d like to give your dog a natural, wholesome treat, they’ll love Outback Jack’s Water Buffalo Jerky. From free-range, grass-fed water buffalo, this single source protein treat will make your dog fall in love with you all over again and again!

7. Lazy Dog I Ruff You Pie

If you want to go the traditional route, Lazy Dog’s I Ruff You Pie treats will fit that bill quite nicely. They say a dog will love you no matter what (and they will) but they sure might love you more with some sugar and spice! And we love Lazy Dog’s human-grade ingredients!

8. Blueberry Pet Heart Sweater

It may Valentine’s Day, but that means there still could be snow on the ground and nothing will warm your pooch’s heart more (literally–it’s a sweater!) than this sweet treat from Blueberry Pet. Warm and cozy and machine washable, it’s bound to give your dog warm feelings any time he’s wearing it. (See what we did there?)

9. Hearts Cuddler Bedset

What better way to tell your best pal you love them than with the most comfy, cozy bedding. That’s pretty much all the do, right? Sleep? So show them you know the way to their heart with this bed set that has a matching pillow and blanket for the sweetest dreams ever.

10. WaterPik Pet Wand

Here’s a way to really show your pupster you love her so! The WaterPik Pet Wand makes bathtime so much easier and more comfortable for your dog. It’s great for indoor or out, and is a professional grade wand that will let you shampoo, scrub and rinse your dog so much more efficiently and comfortably (for you both!). And who doesn’t love snuggling a clean doggy?

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