Best Heated Beds for Dogs

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

Heated dog beds are a must-have accessory for cozy snowy nights or senior dogs who need a bit more pampering in their older years. These are top 15 best heated beds for dogs that will keep any fur baby warm and comfy!

If your pooch is not adapted to a cold climate or you want to make sure they feel toasty and warm in their golden years, a heated bed is a must. Similarly, dogs who are in their golden years might appreciate some extra warmth to make their ‘old bones’ ache less, especially if they have arthritis. Whatever the reason, it’s important to make sure that the heating bed or pad you choose for your four-legged companion delivers what it promises. Not all are made alike, so make sure to take a look at our list of 15 best heated beds for dogs to ensure you’re making the right choice!

1. Editor’s Pick: K&H Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper

This foam-filled bed is equipped with a 6 watt removable MET listed heater for optimal warmth. The dual thermostat is internal and will keep the bed nice and warm for your pet, at circa 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit above ambient air temperature. But once your doggo curls up inside the bed, the thermostat will meet their body temperature, making for a perfectly toasty nap.

2. Runner Up: Aiicioo Dog Heating Pad

Waterproof, moist-proof, and with a chew-resistant cord and UL listed adapter, this heating pad is virtually indestructible. It’s ideal for curious chewers or dogs who have “accidents’ while they sleep. The temperature can be adjusted for up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. To boot, if your pet prefers thicker cushions for sleeping, you can simply put this pad over their bed for a winning combo of heat and coziness!

3. Best Cushy: K&H Pet Products Thermo-Pet Cuddle Cushion Pet Bed

The tri-walled poly-filled bed provides optimal support and temperature. The heater, which is built in the comfy cushion, will start out as warm but rise to match your pet’s body temperature once they lay on the bed. Another great feature is that this bed has fully washable cushion cover- so no need to fret if your pooch makes a mess of it!

4. Best Water Resistant: K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed

When you take orthopedic foam and wrap it in water-resistant PVC, you get a durable, resistant pet bed that can be used outdoors, as well. This is rare for heated beds, so you if you want a warm bed for an outside shelter, this one could be a great match. The fleece cover that comes with it is removable and washable.

5. Best Self Warming: Aspen Pet Self Warming Pet Bed

Sometimes, you can get a heated pet bed without electricity, all thanks to the ingenious design. This corduroy and faux lamb wool bed uses the same technology as space blankets to keep your pet snuggly and warm. The special interior layer reflects the temperature of your dog’s body without needing any external power to work!

6. Best All-Season: K&H Pet Products Thermo-Snuggle Cup Bomber

If you want an all-around great pet bed that could be used in summer and winter both, the snuggle cup fits the bill. The 4 watt MET listed heater is removable, so you can simply pop it out in the hot summer days and let your pet take a nap without worrying about overheating. To boot, the raised soft fleece wall will be an instant hit with small breed dogs!

7. Best 7-Layers: RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad

At first glance, this heated mat might look like every other in the category, but it actually “hides” 7 protective layers inside of it. PVC, refractory wool, and UL-approved heating wire are all nested between removable and washable polyester covers to ensure your pet gets a warm pad to sleep on. It also features auto shut off function and you can set the timer for 12 hours in advance.

8. Best Over-Sized: Toozey Pet Heating Pad

Larger breeds are, on average, more susceptible to the aches and pains that come with age. However, many heated dog beds don’t accommodate larger pups, leaving many dog owners feeling frustrated. The Toozey Pet Heating Pad is considered an ‘oversized’ mat, measuring 35” by 24”. This is large enough for many larger dogs while still being small enough to comfortably fit inside a crate.

Adjustable temperature control options allow you to choose between six settings. The lowest setting can heat to approximately 86 degrees Fahrenheit, while the higher setting will reach approximately 131 degrees Fahrenheit. It also includes an adjustable timer so you can choose exactly when the heater will turn off to prevent your dog from overheating. The dual resistant electrical cord prevents your pets from chewing through to the wires, while the pad itself can be removed and thrown in the washing machine.

9. Best Bolster: Slumber Pet Thermal Bolster Bed

The soft sherpa interior alone would be enough to keep any pooch warm and cozy, but it’s not all that keeps this bolster bed heated. It’s the thermal lining that relies on passive reflective heat transfer to increase the warmth of the bed to a pleasant level. The bed comes in 3 different sizes to accommodate every pooch.

10. Best for Cold Weather: Homello Pet Heating Pad for Pets

When the temperatures drop, your pooch will definitely appreciate having a warm spot to curl up on! Homello Pet Heating Pad for Pets can be used on its own for napping (it’s cozy enough) or you can put it under your pet’s bed to keep them toasty and snug in cold weather. This electric heating pad is completely safe for use as it has a cord with a metal outer layer for chew-resistant protection and a power-off protection temperature control to prevent the pad from overheating. The temperature is fully adjustable so you can tailor it to the weather- or your pet’s preferences- and can be set up to 104℉ with a high and low-level setting. The best part is that it takes only ten minutes for the pad to fully heat up- no more chilly nights for your doggo! Homello Pet Heating Pad for Pets comes in two sizes- 17.7” by 17.7” and 33” by 21”.

11. Best Luxury: AsFrost Dog Bed

This coffee-colored plush cushion is made from breathable and moisture-proof materials which reflect your pooch’s body heat back to them – this is beneficial for older dogs who experience joint or muscle pain. This is an ideal purchase for senior pups, dogs with thin hair coats or anyone who deals with cold winters. The bed itself features a raised rim so your furry friend has a comfortable place to rest their head while also supporting their neck. There is a no skid bottom that is great for hardwood floors, however it’s not recommended that you throw this bed in the wash.

12. Best Protective: Pecute Pet Heating Bed

Pecute upped the stakes on protective measures by adding two built-in overheat protection devices. The cord is covered with bendable stainless steel, and the inner lining is made from medical soft PVC which is IPX4 waterproof.

13. Best Basic: MARUNDA Pet Heating Pad

With its dual thermostat, this comfy heating bed is certain to keep your senior pet warm all night if need be. Its size makes it a perfect fit for toy and small dog breeds. To boot, the soft cover is fully removable and machine washable.

14. Best with Washable Cover: JOYELF Dog Bed with Washable Cover

Let’s be honest for a second- sometimes, pooches don’t smell exactly like roses. OK, OK, it’s most of the time. Not to mention that accidents happen, and sometimes your pet vomits in the bed or pees- which is why it’s important for the cover to be easily washable. JOYELF Dog Bed with Washable Cover is one of the few heated pet beds that can be safely washed: the classy micro suede and faux fur cover comes off easily and can be washed on delicate program in the washing machine or cleaned by hand with a wet cloth. The soft and plush materials are not just pleasant to touch and easy to maintain- in combination with the PP cotton filling, it makes for a warm and cozy nook for your pet to curl up in when the weather gets chilly. JOYELF Dog Bed with Washable Cover comes in large and medium size.

15. Best Budget: Amazon Basics Warming Pet Bed For Cats or Dogs

Don’t count out the AmazonBasics Warming Bed – it boasts a great price tag and some impressive features. Not to mention, it’s available in five different sizes, two different shapes and two colors! Whether you have a small pup running around your home or a larger, senior pooch, this cozy bed incorporates the same material used in self warming mylar “space blankets” to help retain their body heat. It’s also covered with a faux sherpa lining and corduroy to ensure your pup’s new bed is comfortable yet sturdy.

Who are heated pet beds for?

A cozy bed that’s not just comfy to sleep in but also generates heat to keep you warm while you take a nap? Ummm who doesn’t need a bed like that?! Of course, while the appeal of dog heated beds is quite clear to everyone, the fact is that not all dogs need heated beds. If you have a dog with a double coat and a good heating system inside your home or live in a milder climate, it’s safe to say that your pet probably won’t need your help to keep warm. In fact, additional warmth might be the last thing they need and want in the winter months.

On the other hand, many dogs wouldn’t just enjoy having a heated bed, but their health or age, for instance, might require it. If you’re unsure if you need to get your pet a heated bed, here are the categories of dogs that are certain to reap the benefits from having one:

Senior dogs

When our pets reach their golden years, they have trouble regulating their own body temperature. Old dogs are much more susceptible to the cold and will feel it more strongly, even if they weren’t sensitive to the cold when they were in their prime. Similarly, senior dogs with arthritis often experience extra stiffness, pain, and discomfort when it’s cold, so making sure that they sleep in a warm and comfortable place will help manage symptoms and ensure that getting out of bed is not an ordeal anymore.


Not unlike elderly pooches, furry babies are not great when it comes to regulating body temperature. They rely on their mothers for so much, and that includes warmth- so when you adopt a new puppy, offering a comfy and warm nap spot could help them adjust. A heated bed for puppies is an excellent idea wherever you live–even if it’s not too cold outside, your puppy will love spending time in a warm and snuggly bed.

Short-haired dogs

If your dog doesn’t have thick fur, it’s highly likely they’ll feel the cold more intensely. Short hair doesn’t offer much in the way of providing warmth, so when your pet takes a nap in their regular bed (with the cool floor underneath to make matters worse), they’ll probably be at least chilly if not downright cold. A bed that generates heat is an excellent solution for this as it will make sure the temperature is optimal throughout the night or nap time.

Dogs that live in colder climates

Winter temperatures vary greatly and it dictates the type of products pet pawrents need for their pets- dog heated beds included. In case you live in an area where temperatures drop way below zero, it’s probable that your pet is having trouble keeping warm on his own–to keep him snug as a bug, get him a bed that will reflect his own heat or radiates warmth from a built-in heater.

What to consider before buying a heated bed for your pet

The two main categories of dog heated beds are self-warming beds and beds that use electric power to heat up, so once you know which of the two suits your needs more, you’ll significantly narrow down your choices. Of course, that is just the first thing to consider–there are plenty of design features that could influence your final decision. Before you buy a heated bed for your pet, here’s what you need to pay attention to:

Heat source

As we already mentioned, the main thing you need to pick is the heat source. Self-warming dog beds rely on specific types of insulation and fabric to reflect your pet’s body warmth back to him, creating a snug and warm environment to nap in without requiring electricity, batteries, or any external power source. On the other hand, if you need a heavy-duty heated bed whose temperature can be controlled and adjusted and doesn’t depend on your pet’s presence in it, electric heating beds are a better choice.


When it comes to picking between self-warming dog beds and electrically heated beds, there is one more thing to consider and it’s a crucial one: safety. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, and/or you live him alone for hours while you’re at work, an electric heated bed is a bad idea. While generally safe for pet use, these corded beds are not always suitable- your pet could chew through the cable or rip the bed and expose the electric components, and if something were to malfunction while you’re away, it could lead to dangerous and tragic situations. So, unless your pet is well-behaved and you’re there to react if something’s amiss, a self-warming bed is the smarter choice.


In the case of dog beds- bigger is better. You want your doggo to be comfy and cozy in his new bed, so it’s important that they have enough space to stretch and fit. However, you don’t want to go overboard and get a small pooch a bed designed for a large breed dog as it beats the purpose. Too much empty space in the bed and a self-warming bed won’t be as warm–or you’ll be wasting energy if it’s electric powered.

Your pet’s sleeping style

Not all dogs sleep the same way–some curl up into a fetal position, others spread all four legs out, some prefer having a pillow under their head, etc. There are numerous designs to cater to all sleeping styles, from flat beds and envelope-style beds to bolster beds and orthopedic heated beds for seniors. Choose according to your pet’s preferences and you can’t go wrong!

Ease of cleaning

Just because your pet’s needs are a priority doesn’t have to mean that your preferences don’t count. In addition to the budget, you should also factor in the ease of cleaning–after all, you’ll be the one sprucing up your pet’s sleeping nook when they mess it up (and eventually, they will). Most high-quality dog heated beds come with a machine washable cover that can be removed and cleaned from stains, hair, and odors.

Additional Resources

What are the benefits of heated beds for dogs?

Apart from the obvious appeal of comfort and coziness, heated beds for dogs can offer many other benefits. For senior dogs or dogs with joint and hip pain, the heat from the bed can have a therapeutic effect, reducing their pain and improving mobility. If you’ve recently adopted a young puppy, a heated bed can provide soothing warmth that reminds them of their mother and helps them settle in their new home more easily. Finally, for cold-sensitive pets, particularly those that live in an area with cold winters or those that have a short coat, a heated bed could not only be a place of comfort but prevent them from catching a cold or getting stiff joints due to sleeping on a cold surface

What types of dog heated beds are there?

There are two main types of heated beds for dogs: electric and self-warming. Electric heated beds, as the name suggests, come with a cord that should be plugged into an outlet and can generate some serious heat- and are adjustable as well. These are a good choice for dogs that don’t have destructive chewing tendencies and need that extra warmth boost. Self-warming heated beds are made from materials that reflect your pet’s body heat back to them, making sure they are snug and toasty while they are napping.

What to look for in dog heated beds?

The first thing to do is opt for a type- some prefer the no-hassle approach of self-warming beds and the others the adjustability and heating power of electric heated beds. Once you figure out which type works for your needs and your pet’s as well, make sure that you get a bed that is durable, has at least a machine washable cover if not fully washable, and comes in a size and shape that fits your pet’s body type. Last but not least is look for a heated bed that works for your budget- electric heated beds can be pricey but if you’re on a budget, a self-warming cozy bed can do the trick.

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