Product Review: Madra Mor Mud Treatment

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic
Because it’s Pampered Pooch month on, I can’t think of a better time to try out Madra Mor Mud Treatment

When I heard about the Madra Mor Mud Treatments, I was kinda giggling to myself: “Mud bath for dogs? Ummmm, isn’t that why we give them baths in the first place?” But as it turns out, this is the type of mud that actually gets rid of the gross, dirty stuff. Touted as “Nature’s way to clean and treat,” I had to test this out for myself (to be accurate, it’s Oscar who’s testing the mud, not me).

There are four treatments in the line: Flea Relief Mud (Fortifies strengthens and maintains healthy skin); Soothing Mud (calms, soothes and promotes healing); Shed Safely Mud (hydrates, moisturizing deep cleanser); and Mobility Mud (energizes, stimulates and circulates). I went with the Shed Safely Mud on Oscar for a few reasons. 1. He’s got a ton of fur on him. 2. It smelled really good. 3. I’m tired of sweeping fur balls off the floor – enough furry tumble weeds already!

The Madra Mor Mud Treatments claim to be naturally absorbent while being gentle, cleansing and detoxifying. The mud, which contains medicinal clays, exfoliates the skin and leave behind vital nutrients for it to absorb.

The mud, when you squeeze it out of its package, looks like mud, but it doesn’t smell or feel like it. As well, it doesn’t look like mud when you put it on your dog. You can put the mud in your hand to apply it to your dog’s fur, or you can just squeeze it right onto his coat.

If you’ve read my grooming posts before, you’ll know that Oscar is not a huge fan of baths… or water, for that matter. And even though I reassured him that this was going to be a “spa experience,” he was not happy with the notion of getting wet.

After thoroughly rinsing him with water, it was spa time! I applied the mud right onto the fur on his back. I worked my way from his muzzle area (on his neck), down his legs and belly, and then finished coating his back. I also rubbed some on the top of his head and ears, but kept well enough away from his face and eyes. The thing about the mud is that unlike shampoo, there are no suds or lather. You get maximum cleaning results by massaging the mud into your dog’s fur.

Here’s the part of the bath that dogs will love the most: you have to massage your dog while the mud is applied for 10 minutes. You’d think that Oscar would love the idea of a massage. Yeah, not so much. The only way to keep him from jumping up on the counter was to let him stand on his hind legs, using me as a balance. (Note to self: wear old clothes when washing dog in Madra Mor mud.)

Even though Oscar was more concerned with being wet, I think that I enjoyed the massage more than him. It was a chance to give him a scrub down and check to see if there were any bumps and lumps. Besides, massage has wonderful benefits for a dog’s nervous system and overall well-being. But Oscar was a good sport, letting me massage him for the full 10 minutes – poor dog!

After the massage, all the mud got rinsed off. It took longer than a regular shampooing session, because it is thicker. And because there are no suds, it’s harder to tell whether or not I got it all. Better safe than sorry, so Oscar had to endure a longer shower so I would be certain I got it all off.

The Verdict

Wow! Does Oscar ever look and smell good! His fur is much softer to the touch and even looks a tad darker in shade.

As for shedding, when I was drying and brushing him, I was covered in fur. I brush him every day to keep the mats and tangles at bay, and to keep shedding to a minimum. But even with the daily brushings, I’ve never seen this much fur come off of him – my black yoga pants were almost white. It really loosened the dead hair and enabled me to brush it off.

Next time I use this mud, I’m going to use a diluted shampoo after the treatment, because I don’t know if I got it all with a water rinse (even though I was conscious of getting it all off during the final rinse). It feels like I may not have gotten it all out, but then again, perhaps it’s just because his fur just is really conditioned. A week after the treatment and his fur is still as soft and glowing as the day I washed it. And I swear, it even feels thicker than it did before – and this is after the massive shed from the treatment.

I still have enough mud for a few more treatments… and I know that Oscar can hardly wait. (Note from Oscar: “Ummmmmmm, no.)

Madra Mor Mud Treatments cost $22.95 each and can be purchased at their online store.

Note: was NOT compensated for this review. We received four samples of Madra Mor Mud Treatment to review. The opinions expressed in this post are the author’s. We provide unbiased feedback of the products and share products we think our readers would enjoy using and learning more about.

Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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