Product Review: Petprojekt Squeeki Tiki Moai Dog Toy

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This time around, Oscar turned over his dog testing duties to Watson, an adorable Cockapoo that couldn’t wait to prove his testing chops. His mom Stacy was kind enough to help Watson record his experience with the Petprojekt Squeeki Tiki Moai Dog Toy.

A little background about this dog toy before we turn things over to Watson and Stacy:  Available in small and large, the Squeeki Tiki Moai is a safe non-toxic toy that takes its design from the Easter Island statues. There are two designs to choose from, they come in a range of colors and they feature soft bodies that squeak.

Watson, tipping the scales at about 27 lbs and a pretty tough chewer, is able to get through most things in a flash and he went to work on the Squeeki Tiki. At first, all he did was sniff around and knocked the dog toy over before he realized, “Hey look! It makes a cooler, louder pitched squeak than my other toys!”

With that realization, the soccer matched started. The toy’s long shape and light weight made it easy push it around the room with his paws. He got super excited when we decided it was time to play fetch. I gave it a couple of good squeezes before the throw, and got his tail wagging at super speed thanks to the Squeeki Tiki sound.  He retrieved it no problem and was ready to keep playing until he decided to put the investigator cap on.

Once the chewing began, it took about 15 minutes until he bit through a small part of the top corner. Being a smaller sized hole, the good thing was it continued to squeak! We tossed it around some more and then he decided no more playing – it was time to give this toy a thorough review. In another 15 minutes he had the bottom corner chewed open and the Squeeki Tiki was no more Squeeki.

The Verdict:

Here are Watson’s take-away points from the Petprojekt Squeeki Tiki Moai Dog Toy:

  • Fun to play with
  • Loud and squeaky but not annoying
  • Soft material that can be chewed through pretty easily (if your dog is a chewer)
  • Still fun to toss around even if it no longer squeaks
  • Non-toxic  so even if it does get chewed into bits no harm done

Great work Watson! You really did your work and put this dog toy through its paces. We can’t wait for your next review.

The Petprojekt Squeeki Tiki Moai Dog Toy retails from $8 to $14. You can learn more about it on Petprojekt’s website.

Note: was NOT compensated for this review.  We received a free Petprojekt Squeeki Tiki toy to review. The opinions expressed in this post are the author’s. We provide unbiased feedback of the products and share products we think our readers would enjoy using and learning more about.