Pet Products That Do Good For People

Maggie Marton
by Maggie Marton
There are plenty of pet companies that give to animals in need. But did you know that there are some that help out people? Here are a few companies that let you spoil your pups while lending a hand to humans.

One of the biggest social trends to emerge in the past few years has been shopping for a cause. We love to buy from companies that give back to communities. These pet product manufactures make fun stuff for dogs and help people at the same time.


Many women in Turkey have no more than a fifth grade education but are skilled in knitting and crochet. OoMaLoo hires these women to work from home so that they can continue to care for their families, while applying their skills to creating adorable dog toys. Currently, the organization employs about 200 women who work from their own homes, on their own schedules. The toys they make are made of yarn manufactured in Turkey. Felted toys are made with 100% wool yarn and cotton filling. The fuzzy toys are made with 100% polyester yarn (furry), 100% acrylic (smooth) yarn, and polyester filling. The squeaky balls inside each toy are manufactured especially for OoMaLoo.

Fresh Start

In St. Louis, pet food maker Fresh Start provides not just high-quality pet food for dogs and cats but also employment opportunities for people experiencing homelessness. Their mission is to end homelessness by providing employment opportunities in manufacturing pet food. Through their employment at Fresh Start, the homeless individuals who work there get connected to a network of services and support. Meanwhile, they’re crafting raw dog food to support the optimum health of dogs and cats.

Fur The Earth

A vast array of products—from wholesome, baked dog treats to pet apparel to a range of greeting cards and even chocolates for the human end of the leash—support eco-friendly and conservation organizations. Sales of the Fur The Earth branded products all give back to a “green” cause.


Have a disc-obsessed dog? This one not only provides your dog with tons of chasing fun but also feeds orphaned children in Ethiopia. Not a disc dog? The brand also sells a chew bone. WO Design’s mission is to make high-quality products in the US that support women and orphans in Ethiopia though a partnership with the non-profit Bring Love In. Bonus: To further support the mission, send your used WO Design toys back to them for recycling.

Maggie Marton is the definition of “crazy dog lady” and an award-winning writer based in Bloomington, Indiana. Obsessed with dogs, she writes for numerous pet-related publications and is active in animal welfare. When she’s not reading about dogs, writing about dogs or walking dogs, she loves to hike and nap—both activities usually with her dogs. Maggie lives with her husband, John; Emmett, a pit mix; Lucas, a shepherd mix; Cooper, a pit mix; and Newt, the lone kitty (who, of course, runs the show). You can find her online at

Maggie Marton
Maggie Marton

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