Ask The Hairy Dogfathers: Crazy Cat Complication

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic
We’ve all heard of the “Crazy Cat Lady” – but what happens when it’s about to become the “Crazy Cat Couple?” The Hairy DogFathers are here to sort it all out.

Okay Guys,

I am crazy about this girl, but I am scared she’s crazy! When we started dating nine months ago, she talked about her cat, Fezzik. All the time. No problem. I finally meet Fezzik, and he’s a pretty cool cat and all. But I was like, “Is this my girl’s house, bro, or is it Fezzik’s?” For real! She’s got Fezzik stuff and pictures of him ALL OVER the place! I think it’s great she loves this cat, but I don’t know if she wants me in the picture.

She has talked about us moving in together. What do I do?

-Signed, Mr. Crazy Cat Lady

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André says:

Dear Mr. Crazy Cat Lady,

Sounds like your girl’s décor style is far from purrrfect. Joking aside, how much does it bother you? Because if you are seriously considering moving in together, you have to realize that you are moving in with Fezzik and all his stuff. It’s true that cats don’t live forever, but don’t fool yourself: Fezzik could ask you to adopt a little brother or sister at any time. Your predicament is quite simple – if it really bothers you and there is no way you could have a cat picture (or twelve) hanging in your place, then talk to her about it, and see where that goes. On the other hand, if you don’t mind all that much, or kind of like the décor a bit, embrace it whole-heartedly and become the official Mr. Crazy Cat Lady.

Best of luck!

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Kevin says:

Dear Mr. Crazy Cat Lady

My suggestion is to pack up that cat in his little custom carrier and go for a short drive. No, this isn’t a sinister plot to rid yourself of Fezzik forever. First stop: the pet store. Grab some fun toys that you and Fezzik can bond over. After your shopping spree at the pet store, it’s time to head to the nearest portrait studio. You and Fezzik can have some male bonding time, playing dress up with matching outfits… for real! What is going to make your girl crazier that a sweet picture of you and Fezzik dressed in matching turtlenecks or really cute bowties? If you can’t beat him, join him. Print out your super fun photo shoot photos and frame them. You’ll show your girl you aren’t here to replace Fezzik, but that you can both “be in the picture.” He’s had a special place in your lady’s heart for a long time, and that’s not about to change. Give the guy a chance, and maybe you will enjoy being Mr. Crazy Cat Lady yourself.

Kevin Roberts and ‎André Lavergne are the Hairy Dogfathers. The dog-crazy couple resides in Winnipeg, where they train, teach and offer support to pet parents. If you have a pressing pooch problem and are in need of some advice, the Hairy Dogfathers want to help. Drop them a line at

Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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