Ask the Hairy Dogfathers: Doggy Chaperon Woes

Two’s company, three’s a crowd… especially when an overprotective Rottweiler is involved! The Hairy Dogfathers know how you can make room for another person in your pack.

Hey guys,

I met a guy who I thought was awesome. I invited him over for dinner, and I left him alone with my dog Bruno (a Rottweiler). When I came back from the kitchen, well, the guy was gone! I texted him to ask why he just up and left, and he texted me back: “THAT DOG IS NUTS.”

Well, there is no way I am going to stand for that, and good riddance to him!

Bruno, is my 4 year old Rotti. He’s a sweetheart, he’s my big baby! He’s a bit of a clown, but he knows when to be serious. Bruno is well socialized and well trained. I did my research before I got him. He goes to doggy day care and enjoys playing on the dog beach. He is NOT nuts! He can be protective, but that’s fine with me!

But, I am just unsure if Bruno is being jealous, or if I am really bringing home bad dudes. This isn’t the first time that a date has made a run for the door due to my dog. I don’t know what to do. I love Bruno, and he loves me, but is there for room for three?

-Bruno’s Mom

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André says:

Bruno sounds like a good companion that makes you happy. I am of two minds here, in general I trust my dogs’ judgement of people, and generally they are bang on. That said, it seems you have noticed a pattern that indicates that your dog might think you already have a boyfriend… and his name is Bruno! Thankfully you love each other, but if you want to add another human to your pack you may have to try a different approach. Try integrating a new boyfriend slowly, and focus on activities that Bruno enjoys, such as a nice walk or going to the dog beach. That way Bruno will associate the new guy with good things and happy places. The second benefit is that it shows the new guy that Bruno is an important part of your life and that if he doesn’t like the dog beach he can move on to another fish in the sea.

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Kevin says:

I can relate! I never would have met André if my dog, River, hadn’t chased away some lousy dates! True story! When I was playing the dating game, if things were going well, it was time to meet my dog! I would say, “If you want to be a part of my life, my dog is going to have to approve.” Thankfully River was really picky – no way was I going to be wasting my time!

There is no way I want someone around who doesn’t like my dog, or my dogs don’t like. It sounds like Bruno is a good judge of character. He might be picking up on something that you aren’t noticing yourself. It might be a good time to take a break from dating, and focus on friends. Give yourself, and Bruno a chance to recharge and focus on what’s important to you. Then in time, when you meet the right guy, Bruno will let you know.

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