Ask The Hairy Dogfathers: No Walkies, No Lovin’!

What’s a girl to do when her boyfriend isn’t man enough to walk her purse pooch? She turns to the Hairy Dogfathers for some sage – and manly – advice.

Hey Boys,

That’s it! I am ready to kick him to the curb! My boyfriend won’t walk my dog! He says that taking Tinki out for her walkies is too embarrassing! What do I do about this bum?


Boyfriend is a Bum

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André says:

Dear BF is a Bum,

That’s too bad to hear, and unfortunately I have seen this before with other couples. Here are a few things you might consider: Is it fair to expect a boyfriend to walk your dog? If this is truly your dog and not a dog you got as a couple, it may not be fair to expect him to share the responsibility of exercising Tinki. Where would you like to take your relationship? If you and your boyfriend are serious and you would like to go for the long haul, you should have a serious talk with him about fur-kids and sharing of associated responsibilities.

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Kevin says:

Dear BF is a Bum.

I say get rid of him! This man is all about the outward appearances. Tinki may not be butch enough for him, or maybe he’s just after a different image. A man who doesn’t see the unconditional love at the end of the leash doesn’t deserve that love! Say “good-bye” to this guy!

Then spend some of the time and energy you would have spent on this deadbeat volunteering for a shelter or rescue. Give your extra love to some wonderful animals who are down on their luck. Surround yourself with confident happy people who are out making the world a better place. Perhaps there you will meet a true Prince Charming, who enjoys long walks on the beach, with dogs in tow! Life is too short – waste no more time with this guy. I imagine that Tinki agrees!

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