Ask The Hairy Dogfathers: Front Seat Doggie Drivers

Don’t you hate back seat drivers? How about front seat drivers… ones that have four paws and sit on their owner’s lap while behind the wheel? The Hairy Dogfathers want to put the brakes on that bad habit.

Dear Hairy Dogfathers,

People who drive around with their little dogs on their laps make me crazy! What do you have to say about it?

Signed, Seeing Red… and not just at the lights

André says:

Dear Seeing Red,

Thank you for asking this question. I personally cringe every time I see a yapping yorkie on some young Paris Hilton wannabe’s lap while she is driving around in her Yaris. Just imagine what would happen if there we’re to be a fender bender and the airbags deployed… if it’s not safe for children to be in the front seat why would it be safe for canines? If your dog is calm in the car and the driver is careful, I don’t see any problem with the dog chilling in the back seat. To be safe I would recommend dog owners to consider a doggy gate – these work wonders and accommodate multiple dogs. Or simply put your K9 companion in a kennel. Buckling up isn’t just for humans – it’s also for pooches!

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Kevin says:

Oh my! Where is natural selection when you need it? Go ahead and make your own dumb choices, but leave me out of it! I don’t want to get run over by a SUV because you were too busy fighting over the window seat with Fluffy.

If any police officers are reading this, please make it a priority to pull these obnoxious drivers over!

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Now, if you happen to be one of those dog-on-lap-drivers, please consider this: you’re not only putting everyone else on the road and the sidewalk in danger, you are also putting Precious in danger as well. For the sake of your dog, other drivers, pedestrians and yourself, go shopping for a car-safe carrier or harness and buckle your dog in the back seat.

Hairy Dogfathers
Hairy Dogfathers

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