Ask The Hairy Dogfathers: Cabin Pet-quette

It’s cabin season, and if you don’t have one of your own, you’re always looking for an invite to a friend’s. If your dog is coming along for the fun, the Hairy Dogfathers have a few tips to ensure you get invited back.

A friend has invited my fiancé and our new dog to their cabin for a weekend. I’m dreaming of boating, dock diving and fishing in the lake! My fiancé is excited about walks on the beach, and endless games of fetch on their huge property. Do you have some tips to make sure we get invited back again?

Signed, Happy Cabin Guests

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André says:

Dear Happy Cabin Guests,

You’re smart to be conscious about this, as it’s not everyone that will extend an invite to pets, especially new ones. One thing I would suggest is make sure your pup is well exercised, take him for a long walk or a run before you head out, and take him out for multiple walks or play sessions every day you’re there. Secondly, bring a kennel where your dog can sleep and relax, and make sure to pack some toys and treats to keep your dog busy. This will also help keep him away from others who may not be too interested in getting some puppy love. Lastly, make sure to bring your host a nice gift to thank them for their hospitality (you can’t go wrong with a bottle of wine).

Have fun at the cabin!


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Kevin says:

Oh, endless games of fetch sound like just the ticket! Your dog will be tired out and won’t be bothering anyone! It’ll leave your plenty of time to relax on the dock, or to try your luck at fishing.

To ensure you’re invited back, pack a bunch of high-value treats to reward your dog for his best behavior. Before you go, put in some work brushing up on his obedience skills, and teach him a few cute tricks as well. His polished social graces and exceptional cuteness will for sure land him (and you) an invite back!

On your weekend away, be conscious of the mess that comes with dog ownership. We tend to look the other way because we’re used to it, but people without dogs may see every hair and muddy footprint. You need to be all about the clean! A visit to the groomer will reduce shedding and trim up the nails to ensure flooring and bedding doesn’t get shredded. Sweep the cabin every day with a broom to get rid of any excess hair. Lastly, bring plenty of your own pet towels, as not everyone appreciates sharing a towel (or wet doggy scent) with a pooch.

Have fun, and send us some vacation pictures!


Kevin Roberts and ‎André Lavergne are the Hairy Dogfathers. The dog-crazy couple resides in Winnipeg, where they train, teach and offer support to pet parents. If you have a pressing pooch problem and are in need of some advice, the Hairy Dogfathers want to help. Drop them a line at

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