Ask the Hairy DogFathers: Pet Sitting Predicament

What do you do for a friend who’s house and dog sitting while you’re away? The Hairy Dogfathers have a couple of tips for pet-sitting etiquette.

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It’s finally here, and the vacation I have been planning all year is right around the corner. It’s not practical to bring my dog along with me, so I have asked a good friend to house sit. Here I am wondering what the etiquette is around friends and pet sitting. Do I pay my friend, which seems odd and awkward? She makes way more money than I do. Or do I give a gift? I am really happy my dog will be in good hands, but I don’t want to be tacky.

From, Trying to not be Tacky

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André says:

It’s so nice that your friend will take care of your furry friend while you are away, and you’re right to want to give her something for her efforts. If your friend isn’t hurting for money, a gift is certainly appropriate. Think about how much you would spend if you left your dog in a kennel, then head out and get your friend something nice. It doesn’t have to be what you’d spend on boarding, but keep that amount in mind when picking something out. Before you leave, also make sure to leave your friend with everything they will need (e.g. food, dog bed, treats) and give them the number and address of your vet just in case. Bon voyage!

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Kevin says:

Your friend is worth their weight in gold! Treat her like it. Start with a dinner, either at her favourite place, or home cooked by you. This might be a good chance to go over some of the routines and where you keep things in the house.

Now if cash isn’t the way to go here, have fun and splurge on your friend. Perhaps a little goodie bag she can enjoy while you are away. Fill it with some of her favorite snacks and treats, so while she is spoiling your dog, she feels spoiled herself. While on vacation, keep an eye out for a gift which just screams her name. She’s your friend, and you know her tastes. Have fun shopping!

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