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Best Dog Food for French Bulldogs

To make your job easier, we’ve rounded up the best dog food for French Bulldogs on the market, from yummy kibble to hypoallergenic formulas to savory wet foods.

Best Dog Food for Golden Retrievers

To help you find the right type of food for your pet, we’ve rounded up the best dog food for Golden Retrievers – read on to learn more!

Best Cat Toppers

From wet to dry, these toppers come in a variety of textures and flavors – read on and choose one of these 10 best cat toppers that will transform your cat’s daily diet!

Best Dog Toppers

We’ve selected the 10 best dog toppers on the market to help you find the yummiest option for your picky pooch!

Best Bone Broths

Powdered or liquid, bone broths for dogs can be a healthy kibble topper alternative or a natural supplement for aging dogs – and to help you pick the right one for your pet, we’ve rounded up the best bone broths on the market right now.

Best Weighted Blankets for Dogs

We’ve handpicked the 10 best weighted blankets for dogs on the market to make sure you can soothe your dog when they need it the most – read on to find the perfect match for your pet’s needs.

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How Much Exercise Does My Cat Need?

Cats are often known for their laidback and aloof personalities, lounging around the house like true couch potatoes. But just like us, our kitties need regular exercise t…

Organizations Donate Free Food to Help Owners Keep Pets

The high cost of living forces many pet owners to consider rehoming their pets. North America’s spiralling cost of living has everyone scrambling to make ends…

New Study Reveals More About How Cats Purr

Pet parents love hearing their cats purr while in a relaxed and blissful state, and it’s believed that a kitty’s purr could be healing, too. But, no matter how…

How to Get Your Dog to Stop Counter Surfing

Your pet needs to know that counter surfing is unacceptable behavior and that it’s something they can’t do. But how exactly to get your dog to stop counter surfing without having to resort to punishments? Here are some tips and tricks.

The Season of Giving Begins With A Leap

We're excited to announce a special initiative in celebration of the season of thankfulness and November's Senior Pet Adoption Month. Starting today, Leap Years is offeri…

How Do I Fix My Cat's Matted Fur?

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Best Lint Rollers To Tackle Pet Hair

To help you find the best option for your household, we’ve rounded up the best lint rollers on the market – from reusable lint rollers to extra sticky rollers – so any pet owner can find a perfect match.

Best Air Fresheners for Pet-Friendly Households

We’ve selected the best air fresheners for pet-friendly households that will leave your home smelling lovely and clean and banish pet odors once and for all, without causing harm or irritating your pet’s sensitive respiratory system.

Best CBD Treats

Whether you need help with a pet that has separation anxiety issues, want to relax your pet before taking them to a vet or a groomer, make your oldtimer pooch walk with a spring in their step again, or simply want to treat your dog to a healthy snack rich

Best Remembrance Products for Grieving Pet Owners

We’ve handpicked the most thoughtful remembrance products you can use to memorialize your pet or gift to a loved one that is grieving for their pet – either way, they are a beautiful way to immortalize the beautiful bond between a pet and their owner(

10 Best Outdoor Toys for Dogs

We’ve rounded up the most entertaining, most durable outdoor toys to help you narrow down your choice – and make sure you and your pet are making the most out of sunny days this year.

Best Calming Toys

Here is our list of the 10 best calming toys on the market – keep your eyes glued to this page and find the one that your anxious little pet will just fall in love with.

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What's the Deal With Black Cats and Hallowe'en?

Satanic partner or independent thinker... tonight the black cats rule! So, what exactly is it about a black cat that instantly has us conjuring up images of g…

Dog Finds A Forever Home After Spending 1,007 Days at Delaware Shelter

Tessy, now a 5-year-old black Labrador retriever mix, spent 1,007 days at a Delaware animal shelter before being adopted into a forever home.

How Can I Tell If My Dog Has a Fever?

Read on as we go through the basics of dog fever and just how to tell if your pet needs your help

How Often Do Dogs Need to Go Out to Pee?

You don’t want them to have an accident inside the home but you probably don’t want to take them out for a walk every hour or so (even if you did have the time for it) so it’s important to find the right balance.

What to Know About Osteoarthritis in Cats

Osteoarthritis, also referred to as OA, is a condition that’s common in cats – experts have found that 90% of kitties over the age of 12 have it. And because ca…

Golden Retriever Survives 65 Days Alone in the Alaskan Wilderness

A 13-year-old golden retriever, named Stella, returns home safely, after surviving 65 days in the Alaskan wilderness.

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Best Pet-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Read on to browse our selection of the 10 best pet-friendly cleaning supplies on the market – we’ve rounded up the most efficient cleaning products for homes with pets.

10 Best Teething Toys for Puppies

There are all kinds of teething toys for puppies out there, from freezable to plushies all the way to natural solutions, and we’ve rounded up the 10 best to help you make your choice quick and easy!

10 Best Low Fat Dog Treats

To help you make the best choice for your pet, we’ve rounded up the 10 best low-fat dog treats that any pooch will love!

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Great Dane Sets the Largest Litter Record at North Carolina Rescue

A North Carolina dog, named Meadow, gave birth to 15 puppies and has set a record for the largest litter born at the Perfectly Imperfect Pups rescue.

Study Finds Differences in Pain Sensitivity Between Dog Breeds

Although you might think that all dogs experience pain the same, it turns out that different dog breeds have varying levels of pain sensitivity. Researchers a…

Study Finds Pet Parents Care More About Their Dogs Than Their Cats

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark have found that dog owners care more for their dogs than cat owners care for their cats.

Dogs Trained to Detect Ancient Remains Expedite Search for Graves

Canada’s recent discovery of hundreds of tiny unmarked graves attributed to the residential school system has created not only cross-country outrage but also…

Study Reveals Older Dogs Who Sleep Badly May Have Dementia

Researchers have discovered that senior dogs with dementia experience the same sleep problems as people with dementia.

Lost Tortoise Found After 3 Years

A story about a lost tortoise in Florida proves that reunions can happen even years after losing a pet, and that social media can play a huge role in reconnecti…

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What Is Scent Enrichment for Cats?

Your cat has a powerful sense of smell that she uses to navigate her surroundings and make decisions, so it’s important to consider your kitty when using scente…

Family Dog Alerts Parents to a Teen’s Stroke and Saves His Life

Dr. Sabih Effendi, who treated him, says that “by waking the parents up, and leading them to the boy, the dog made a “massive” difference in his outcome”.

Amazing Wiener Dog Gives Birth to a Record Breaking Puppy Litter

Winnie, a three-year-old female dachshund, was seemingly a normal pregnant dog, and nobody expected her litter to be this big. Normally, this breed of dog delivers between one and six puppies, but Winnie delivered nearly double that number in September.

Signs a Dog Is in Pain

Don’t you wish your dog could talk to tell you how he feels? After all, it can be tough to figure out if your pet is experiencing discomfort. But if you learn m…

Why is My Cat Suddenly Acting Aggressive?

Cats are well-known for their independent and aloof nature. It’s part of their mysterious and majestic presence. But what do you do when your once docile companion sudden…

“One-of-a-Kind” Cat With Two Noses Searches for Her Forever Home

As rescue cat parents and rescue advocates, we know firsthand that every cat has a unique story to tell. But some cats truly stand out and make their mark on the world. N…

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Technology Tracking Dogs Really Are a Thing

We’ve all heard of dogs that can sniff out drugs and explosives or locate missing persons from a simple whiff of their clothing… but what’s all this about te…

Guinness World Record Holder, Bobi "Earns His Wings"

31-Year-Old Pooch Passes Away with Family by His Side It’s the saddest rite of passage any pet parent can know. But when you’ve lived with your pooch since hi…

What Should I Do If My Dog is Afraid of Nail Trims?

The dreaded nail clippers – a source of stress and occasional doggy drama in our home as well as for many dog parents. You see, our youngest pup, Lucifer, and I have been…

First-ever Canine Parvovirus Treatment Offers Hope for Sick Puppies

Elanco's Canine Parvovirus Monoclonal Antibody treatment is a single-dose intravenous injection that increases the survival rate of dogs diagnosed with parvovirus.

Can Dogs Have Sleep Apnea?

If you’ve ever heard your dog snoring, you might’ve wondered if sleep apnea is a condition that can affect canines like it does humans. The answer is, yes, dogs…

How Much Sleep Do Dogs Need?

While there can’t be a general, straightforward answer (after all, not all dogs are identical), there are some general rules and guidelines to follow when it comes to amount of sleep your pet needs.