Best Cat Treats

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Best Cat Treats

It’s no secret that pet parents love to spoil their fur babies. If you are proudly owned by a cat, you already know how much our feline companions love treats – bribing them with yummy foods might be the only way you get them to do what you want them to… or at least something close to it. While cat treats can be both a fantastic incentive for when you’re trying to train your cat and a tool for pampering your precious pet, not all of them should be the staple in your kitty’s diet.

The concerns and issues with cat treats don’t differ much as those with snacks in the human diet. With the pet obesity on the constant rise, treats, along with kibble and other cat foods, are under much scrutiny, and with good reason. Many treats are extremely high in calories, or are made from generally unhealthy ingredients: the type of treats you decide on will make a world of difference for your feline friend. Naturally, the type of cat treats you should opt for are those that contain wholesome ingredients, don’t affect your pet’s weight, and taste good to them to boot.

Sure, this might seem like an impossible task, but with the help of’s feline-tastic experts, what seemed like an ordeal will become effortless. Our extensive resources on cat treats include in-depth reviews of the best treats for cats, as well as buying guides that will make shopping much easier, for seasoned and beginner cat parents alike. Whether you’re unsure about what types of cat treats are there, to begin with, or just which type is the healthiest and most suitable for your cat’s unique needs, we’ve got you covered.

Best Cat Treats
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Temptations Treats for Cats, 30 Ounces

    • 100% nutritionally complete and balanced for adult cat maintenance.

    • Has a unique pocket shape that is crunchy on the outside and scrumptiously soft and creamy on the inside.

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Feline Greenies Dental Treats

    • Crunchy texture and unique shape clean teeth and reduce tartar, while also serving as a cat breath freshener.

    • Natural formula with added vitamins, minerals, and taurine to offer complete nutrition, along with optimal dental care.

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Purina Friskies Party Mix Treasure Crunch

    • Salmon, Shrimp & Tuna Flavors.

    • 20 Oz Resealable Container.

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NABA Churu Lickable Creamy Purée

    • Made with real deep sea tuna or farm-raised chicken in savory flavors cats love.

    • High in moisture.

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Purina DentaLife

    • Porous texture helps to reduce tartar buildup.

    • Helps clean all sides of teeth.

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Read the Labels

To make the difference between bad cat treats and good treats for cats, you’ll need to carefully read the labels. Just because some brands tout their products as organic, grain-free, natural, or healthy, it doesn’t mean that they actually are true! Or, for that matter, that things like grain-free or natural make any difference for your four-legged companion. When reading cat treat labels, you need to check for any artificial dyes, preservatives or flavors that could be bad for your cat, and focus on brands who offer well-balanced ingredients that fit your cat’s nutritive needs in the first place – which means meat-based protein, healthy fats, and some complex carbs.

Of course, those yummy and healthy ingredients can come in many different packages – from crunchy biscuit-like treats for cats to mushy cat treats and everything in between. Some of the most popular treats, both among cat parents and their finicky felines, include kibble-like hard treats, dental treats for cats (great for freshening breath and improving oral hygiene!), soft and moist treats, as well as the slightly higher priced but fantastic freeze-dried and raw treats. has extensively covered all of the mentioned types of cat treats, so you won’t have to wonder where you can find them, what are their ingredients, or which types are best for your own pet.

Choosing the Right Cat Treats

Personal preferences of your pampered kitten aside, different types of treats are ideal for different types of cats. For instance, soft, moist treats are a good choice for senior cats who don’t have the teeth to crush the kibble treats or kittens who are just being weaned of their mother’s milk and need some incentive to give it up. In the same manner, for cats who just can’t be made to endure the process of brushing teeth, sneaking dental treats is a wonderful option to keep those fangs clean and plaque-free.

It seems that almost every day there’s a new treat on the market, each claiming to be tastier or healthier than those before it. Our staff at is always in the loop with the pet industry trends, which means you’ll be the first one to know about fresh new cat treats that are worth your money. For instance, in the last few years, raw treats for cats and freeze-dried and dehydrated treats have been all the rage among pet parents. Does that mean that the higher price tag is worth it and that these treats are the healthiest option for your cat? has all the answers you need.

Ingredients in Cat Treats

In addition to the information about the best cat treats, we’ll ensure you know which ingredients, brands, or human foods you need to steer clear of. Whether you’re treating your kitty in order to motivate them during training or simply because you want to spoil them a bit, you have to make sure that the treats you’re giving them are actually healthy for them – or, at the very least, that your habit of treating your cat is not doing them harm. Cats are known as particularly sensitive to various foods, so making sure that their treats don’t contain any of them is an absolute must! Not to mention that, even if some ingredients seem safe at first glance, they actually do harm to your pet in the long run, causing obesity and serious health issues with it. Learn how to recognize cheap fillers and dangerous ingredients in your cat’s treats without having to spend hours deciphering all labels in the cat food section.

While there are some rules of thumb when it comes to giving cat treats, not all kitties will have the same nutritive needs and health concerns to start with, so there are no cookie cutter solutions. Luckily, knows that each pet is unique in its own way, which is why we offer guides on buying food and treats for cats of all ages, health conditions, breeds, and more. Instead of relying on generic tips and advice, choose the best for your pet- our information lets you find treats that are perfectly tailored to your pet alone. After all, doesn’t your feline royal deserves it?


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