Spanish Town Mails Dog Poop To Owners That Leave It Behind

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Aren’t you sick of seeing dog poop that’s been left behind by inconsiderate owners? If you’re like us, you’ve even had some not-so-nice thoughts about what you’d like to do with that poop if you ever met that person. Well, one town in Spain has had enough of the poop problem and have come up with an interesting way to get residents to scoop that poop.

In the small town of Brunete, dog owners who don’t pick up after their dogs are getting special deliveries right to their door – their dog’s poop is being mailed to them! But how is that possible? The town recruited 20 volunteers to patrol the streets, looking for people who did not pick up after their dog. As they were walking away from the stinky package, the volunteer would strike up a conversation with the owner, asking about the dog breed and other questions that would give clues to where that person lived. Then, the volunteer would circle back and collect the evidence. Once the recon data had been collected, a search would be done using a registered pet database in the town hall. The mailing address would be obtained and poop would be hand delivered to the dog owner.

Officials say that the plan is working wonderfully. In fact, they have seen a decrease of 70 percent in discarded dog droppings.

What do you think of this idea? Do you think it would work where you live? Leave your opinions in the comment section below, and watch the video of some of the offending dog owners’ reactions when they got their “special delivery.”

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