UK Village Looking To Hire Dog Poop Police

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Job description: Investigator needed to track down lazy dog owners and return poop that hasn’t been scooped. Baggies included.

The Town Council in the wee UK village of Axbridge is doggone fed up and won’t be taking any more crap from area residents. In fact, the councilors are considering hiring, well, poo police to track down pet parents who fail to deal with Rover’s output.

Apparently doggie doo has been an issue on the streets of this picturesque little Somerset town for the past 20 years and those in charge have decided it’s time to hunt down the culprits. Methinks that with a population of just over 2,000 and far fewer pooches, this should make for fairly quick work.

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Council has budgeted up to £35 (that translates to US$53) an hour to bring in a private detective to do the dirty work; flushing out those who aren’t using the dog waste bins then tracking them back home and serving them with a fine. Failure to obey will mean a court date.

In true Dick Tracy style, the P.I.’s efforts to clean up the streets of Axbridge will include identifying the problem areas, the problem times and lying in wait for the dirty dogs to show up with their pets. Hmmm, if he has to bag the evidence does that not solve the problem?

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Residents are fed up with the never ending problem – they are tired of all the talk and want an effective solution put in place. All this talking dirty has Councilor Kate Browne fed up. Apparently the seasoned politician has even attended training courses on the smelly stuff, and after 15 years says if the private detective can’t sniff out the offenders, she’s done with the doo-doo discussions. So with this decision, the council has to shit or get of the pot (sorry for the potty talk, couldn’t resist).

Councilors agree that it’s down to bad attitudes by pet parents and past efforts to curb this problem have made no difference. The well-paid poop patrol begins at the end of August, so get your resumes cleaned up for this dirty career change.

[Source: Cheddar Valley Gazette]

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