3 Of The Most Innovative Litter Boxes We’ve Seen

There’s more to kitty litter than just a regular old plastic box. If your cat is high tech, check out these cool kitty litter boxes.

For the modern cat, a traditional litter box simply won’t do. And for pet owners who are hoping to spend less time scooping litter and more time snuggling their pets, there are a range of innovative litter boxes to choose from that could make life easier.


In a world that’s full of automation, why doesn’t your litter box do all of the hard work for you? Well, with the Litter-Robot III Open Air with Connect, you could bring your cat’s litter box into the 21st century. This is a self-cleaning litter box that could sense when your kitty is inside doing his business. After your cat jumps out of the box, the Litter-Robot will initiate a cleaning cycle automatically. All of the waste gets sifted into a drawer at the bottom of the unit, keeping odors at bay while allowing your cat to have access to clean litter all the time. The Litter-Robot even tells you when the waste drawer needs to be emptied, so there’s no guesswork involved. Plus, an automatic nightlight makes it easy for senior cats to use the box when it’s dark. And—get this—the Litter-Robot can even connect to your mobile device so you could receive real-time status updates, monitor litter box usage, check the waste drawer level, and more, even when you’re on the go.

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The LitterMaid is another self-cleaning litter box that could make your life easier by eliminating the time that you need to spend scooping your cat’s litter. Shaped like a traditional litter box, the LitterMaid has a motion sensor that could figure out when your kitty is in the box and when he’s all done. Ten minutes after your cat has left the box, the self-cleaning mechanism will get to work, using an automatic rake that moves all of the waste into a receptacle. The high side walls ensure that everything stays contained within the box so that there’s less mess on the floor, and there are carbon filters to help keep odors to a minimum.

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The CatGenie litter box has a unique design that looks a lot like a toilet because it acts a lot like a toilet. This is a self-washing litter box that doesn’t use regular litter, but it does require hookup to cold water and an electrical outlet. It uses washable granules that don’t produce any dust and don’t need to be changed. Basically, when your kitty urinates, the liquid drains into the bottom of the unit, into a solution that removes odors. The solids are scooped out into another part of the unit, where they’re liquefied before being flushed out of your home. Finally, a cleaning solution washes the litter bowl and the granules before a blower dries the granules completely.

If you’re thinking about switching to a more modern, automated litter box, there are a few on the market that you can choose from. They all look and work a little differently from one another, but the goal is to help you save time that you’d otherwise spend cleaning your cat’s litter. Who doesn’t love that?!

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