5 Cat-ravagant Perks of an Outdoor Catio

Lisa Selvaggio
by Lisa Selvaggio
You want your indoor cat to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors without the danger. The solution – an outdoor catio!

Even if they spend all of their time indoors, some cats could really benefit from, and get a kick out of, being outside for a bit. But letting your pet outside to roam can be very dangerous, as there are so many hazards that could lead to serious harm or even death.

The ideal solution is an enclosed outdoor space for your cat to explore, which is playfully referred to as a catio. What makes a catio so great for your feline friend? Keep reading to learn about a few of its benefits, and then consider adding one to your home for your sweet kitty to enjoy.

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Observing Wildlife…From a Safe Distance

If your cat loves looking out the window to see what all the critters are doing outside, a catio could be the perfect way to let him view these animals while outside, but from a distance that will keep your local wildlife safe from your kitty’s hunting instincts. In the same way that you’re keeping the birds and small mammals safe, though, you’re also keeping your kitty safe from harm as well.

Enjoying the Fresh Air and Sunshine

Sometimes all you need is to spend a little bit of time outside, getting some much-needed fresh air and a little bit of sunshine. But if your kitty is stuck inside all the time, he may not be getting a lot of air or sunlight, even if you have windows where he can lounge.

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A catio gives your furry friend a chance to really enjoy the great outdoors, including the gentle breeze, the smell of the flowers and trees, and the warmth of the sun. And, again, because the catio is enclosed, you can prevent your cat from being exposed to poisonous plants, pesticides, and other hazards.

Exercising and Interacting with You

Some cats may become restless indoors, so a catio could give your kitty something new to look forward to.

Depending upon how you build your catio, you can use it as a means to get your kitty to exercise. Keeping your cat active will help him maintain a healthy weight, so go ahead and add plenty of perches, walkways, and more so that your cat can jump, climb, run, and explore without getting bored.

Plus, if you build your catio just right, you can spend time outside with your feline companion. Lounge with your pet or bring along his favorite toys to give him a new environment to play in.

Provide More Space for Your Feline Family Members

A catio can also work well for cats in your household who don’t get along with their feline companions, no matter how much you try to get everyone to live peacefully.

By extending the living space for all of the cats in your home and providing them with everything that they need in a protected outdoor shelter, their lives will be enriched and they will have room to get away from one another more easily and relax comfortably in separate spaces.

Get Creative

When you decide to build your very own catio, you can get as creative as you wish and work within the limitations of your space. Just keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Make sure that the catio is totally escape-proof, as cats can climb, dig, and squeeze their way out if given the chance.
  • You also need to be certain that the catio is strong and secure so that you can keep wildlife out.
  • The catio should be totally safe, with nothing that your cat can get caught on or trapped in.

When you are ready to introduce your kitty to the catio, do so slowly and quietly, giving him ample time to check out the entire enclosure in his own time. Scattering treats throughout the space, and sprinkling catnip on perches and cat furniture throughout the catio, could help make your kitty feel right at home.

Lisa Selvaggio
Lisa Selvaggio

Lisa Selvaggio is a freelance writer and editor, and our resident cats-pert, with certifications in pet nutrition and pet first aid. She enjoys producing content that helps people understand animals better so they can give their pets a safe and happy home.

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