6 Easy Ways to Make Your Cat Happy

Lisa Selvaggio
by Lisa Selvaggio
You want to keep your kitty purring with happiness, right? Trust us – making your cat happy is in the best interest of you and your beloved feline!

If you’re concerned about your kitty getting bored or becoming unhappy, there are some really easy ways to ensure your cat will always remain content. Implementing some or all of the tips below could help you give your cat an enriched, happy home and all of the love she needs.

Give Your Cat Some Supervised Time Outside

Some cats really enjoy spending time outside, while others are perfectly fine with always staying indoors. If you think that your cat would benefit from a bit of time in the great outdoors, you can give her what she needs without risking her wellbeing.

Rather than letting your cat roam outside freely, take steps to teach your kitty how to walk on a leash, or have a catio installed so that your pet can go outside into a comfortable, safe space to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

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Install a Kitty Highway

Jackson Galaxy of the hit TV series, My Cat from Hell, often recommends giving cats a way to be up high to view their surroundings. While you can go the traditional route and give your kitty a tall cat tree to climb, you can also install what’s referred to as a kitty highway in your home.

This involves adding cat-friendly perches and stairs to your walls so that your cat can climb up and walk across a room without having to be on the ground. It’s perfect if you have a cat who always prefers climbing to the tallest spots she can find.

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Reserve a Window Seat

In addition to the various cat furniture and beds that you can place throughout your home to keep your kitty happy and comfortable, give your cat a great window seat where she can lounge and look outside.

You can get an affordable, secure, cushioned perch specifically designed for cats to sit on to look out the window. And you can even add a squirrel feeder and a bird feeder to your backyard so you can attract local wildlife that your kitty will really enjoy watching.

Provide Cat-Safe Plants

When living in the wild, cats sometimes munch on grass, so providing your pet with fresh cat grass and/or catnip is another way to keep your feline friend happy.

Provide these cat-safe plants by purchasing them from a reputable pet supply store or plant nursery, or grow your own organically.

Give Your Cat a Companion

If your cat is the only one you have, consider adding another to your family. Felines are social, so if your kitty is becoming bored and lonely, getting her a friend could be the perfect way to keep her pleased and occupied. Not only will they play together, but they’ll also have one another to keep each other company when you aren’t home, and they’ll sleep together and groom one another too.

After you’ve adopted your new feline companion, make sure to introduce your cats slowly and patiently so that they can get along better right from the start. Understand that your resident cat may not be thrilled at first about the addition of another feline to the family, but with the right care and approach, along with plenty of space for everyone to call their own, the cats will end up getting along in no time.

Other Basic Happy Cat Rules

Keeping a cat happy is easier than it may seem at first. Provide her with fresh water and high quality food, and stimulate her mind by making her work for treats with the help of puzzle toys. Then keep her active and help her release energy while exercising by scheduling regular playtime sessions with toys that she loves attacking like prey. And don’t forget to give her a quiet and cozy place to rest, and clean her litter box at least daily.

By interacting with your pet and giving her everything that she needs to be satisfied, you’ll be happy too, as you’re sure to have a wonderful relationship with your furry best friend.

Lisa Selvaggio
Lisa Selvaggio

Lisa Selvaggio is a freelance writer and editor, and our resident cats-pert, with certifications in pet nutrition and pet first aid. She enjoys producing content that helps people understand animals better so they can give their pets a safe and happy home.

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