Best Cat Pheromone Sprays

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Cats are definitely interesting creatures, and the way they communicate with pheromones is really neat. You won’t be able to smell feline pheromones, but your kitty will, and he can use those pheromones to give and receive messages when communicating with other cats or when establishing a safe space to call his own.

Your furry friend releases pheromones from different parts of his body. For example, by rubbing his face on objects, doorframes, and even you, he releases pheromones that send messages of comfort and security in his environment. When your kitty uses a scratching post, pheromones are left behind there too, indicating that that’s his spot and he can feel content and safe there. Also, if your cat is urine marking, he’s leaving behind pheromones to mark his territory. And mother cats even release pheromones for their kittens as well.

Sometimes, a cat can become so stressed or anxious that unwanted behaviors develop. These could include scratching on objects other than his scratching post, urine spraying outside the litter box, or aggression towards other kitties in the household, as a few examples.

By purchasing and using products that contain synthetic versions of natural feline pheromones, you can release reassuring messages into your pet’s environment. And doing so might help reduce negative patterns of behavior and allow your kitty to realize he shouldn’t be fearful.

Pheromone products for cats come in various forms, but sprays, in particular, are really easy to use at home and on the go. What are the best feline pheromone sprays to consider buying? We’ve compiled a list below with plenty of details to help you shop smarter.

Note: All of the items discussed below contain feline pheromones. Keep in mind that there are many “calming sprays” for cats available, but they don’t actually contain any pheromones, so read product descriptions carefully before buying.

  1. Comfort Zone Spray & Scratch Control Spray Cat Calming

If your cat is really stressed out, he might end up exhibiting negative behaviors, such as scratching your furniture or spraying to mark territory around your home. And, when your pet is that stressed out, to the point that he’s ruining your belongings, you’ll inevitably start to feel stressed out too. Thankfully, there are products like the Comfort Zone Spray & Scratch Control feline pheromone spray, which is clinically proven.

The pheromone technology that this product contains can help with reducing urine marking, limiting destructive scratching, and creating a calming environment that your kitty can feel safe and secure in so he won’t feel the need to be so destructive anymore.

This is an unscented product that does not contain any drugs. It is safe for use on upholstery, doorframes, hardwood, and fabrics, so you can spray it just about anywhere your cat is exhibiting negative and destructive behaviors that need to stop.

Simply find the areas of your house that your kitty is targeting, spot treat those areas with this spray, and see if the behaviors change for the better. All you have to do is spray it once a day on objects that your cat is attracted to. And you can also spray an entire area that’s being scratched. You might be surprised by how well this works, and only your cat will be affected by the pheromones in the spray, as they replicate your kitty’s natural pheromones to send out calming messages.

Another nice feature is that this product is recommended by veterinarians. Also, it is appropriate for use around kittens and adult cats. Just keep in mind that different cats may respond differently to pheromone sprays, including this one, so you won’t know how your unique kitty will react to it until you give it a try. But what’s reassuring about this Comfort Zone pheromone spray is that it comes with a satisfaction guarantee, so if you don’t like it, you can get your money back.

It might take about four weeks before you start to see significant changes in your cat’s behaviors, but you might start to see some results within the first week. You can also combine this spray with the use of a pheromone diffuser, like the one offered by Comfort Zone, to see if that improves results.

Note: In addition to using this feline pheromone spray around the house to prevent scratching, spraying, and other negative behaviors, you can also use it when your kitty experiences stress and nervousness while traveling or when going to the veterinarian. When using it for travel, just spray the inside of your pet’s carrier (it’s a great idea to spray every corner, as well as the floor and ceiling of the carrier) and your car about 15 minutes before heading out with your cat. One or two spritzes in each location is enough, and you can reapply the spray prior to every trip.

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  1. Feliway Classic Spray

Another feline pheromone product that is recommended by veterinarians and comes with a satisfaction guarantee is the Feliway Classic Spray. The great thing about this product is that you can use it both at home and on the go to help keep your kitty feeling calm, relaxed, and safe. The spray contains ingredients that mimic a cat’s facial pheromones to promote calm and comfort.

Whether your cat is exhibiting negative and destructive behaviors at home because he’s frazzled, he is really stressed because you have moved or introduced a new pet to the family, or he gets really stressed when he needs to travel or go to the vet, this spray might be able to help him feel more at ease. From vertical scratching, hissing, and fighting, to hiding and urine spraying, this product can come in handy to help your cat feel less anxious.

Use this clinically proven, drug-free, odorless spray to target specific areas where your cat is exhibiting unwanted behaviors, like urine spraying and scratching. So, for example, if your kitty is spraying on a particular wall, or scratching at a particular piece of furniture, applying this feline pheromone spray on those areas might help him realize that he doesn’t need to do that. And, for travel, you can apply this pheromone spray directly inside your kitty’s carrier.

When using this product at home, you can apply it at least once every day to help reduce the odds that your cat will end up scratching more or re-marking territory. It can be applied to areas like window sills, objects around the home, and doorways, as a few examples. If you’re going to apply it to an area where your cat has sprayed urine, though, be sure to thoroughly clean the area first before spraying this pheromone product on it. During travel, such as by car, you can apply the spray every four to five hours to help keep your kitty calm. Just be sure to wait roughly 10 minutes before putting your pet into the carrier after you apply the spray. Using 8-10 pumps should do, whether at home or on the go, but remember that you might need to reapply it because it will last up to five hours.

No matter what, you should never spray this product directly onto your cat, and you should not spray it into your cat’s carrier while he is inside of it. And it should not be sprayed on your cat’s scratching post because that would actually end up deterring your kitty from using it, and you don’t want that—you want your cat to use the scratching post instead of your furniture, after all! Bottom line: only spray this product in your cat’s environment according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Remember, every cat is unique, so even though this product works on most kitties, you won’t know how it will affect your pet until you try it. However, this product is clinically proven to significantly reduce urine marking and inappropriate scratching in a week. For your cat, results might take longer, so just be patient.

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  1. ThunderEase Cat Calming Pheromone Spray

If your kitty is stressed out and doing things like marking territory with urine, the ThunderEase Cat Calming Pheromone Spray is another great choice. In fact, it is powered by Feliway! Plus, it is drug-free, clinically proven, and veterinarian recommended, and the majority of cats respond to it. It even comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

You can use this spray both at home and on the go. If your cat is feeling anxious, nervous, or frazzled for any reason, such as the introduction of a new kitten or pet, a trip to the vet, boarding, travel, a move to a new house, or anything else, the pheromones that this product contains might help him feel better.

How does it work? Well, like other feline pheromone products, it mimics natural feline facial pheromones that cats use to become familiar with their environment and feel safe in it. So, when you apply this spray throughout your home, your cat may stop exhibiting stress related behaviors like unwanted scratching.

You can apply this pheromone spray directly to objects, such as bedding, couches, and curtains, and you can also apply it in your car and in your cat’s carrier during travel. Anywhere from 8 to 10 pumps of the spray bottle should be enough. After you spray it in the environment or onto objects, wait 15 minutes before putting your cat in the area or letting your kitty go near the object. Then, if it’s necessary, you can apply the spray again every four to five hours. Just keep in mind that you should never spray this product directly on your pet.

Remember, too, that every cat is unique, so you will have to give the ThunderEase pheromone spray a try to see if it will work on your pet. It is appropriate for kittens and adult cats, and only your feline friend will be able to detect the pheromones in this product. Also, the manufacturer recommends using the spray for 30 days to get the best results.

Note: Although this product is over 90% effective when it comes to reducing urine marking, scratching, and anxiety, this particular feline pheromone spray is not recommended for aggression or hyperactivity.

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  1. Sentry Stop That! Noise & Pheromone Cat Spray

Designed to stop unwanted behavior immediately, the Sentry Stop That! Noise and Pheromone Cat Spray might be a great way to modify your cat’s behavior if he’s being aggressive or destructive.

This product uses both pheromones and noise to calm your pet down and refocus him by redirecting his attention and behavior. Compared to using noise alone, the effects of using this spray are longer lasting, and your pet might be less likely to behave in the same negative ways again.

The ingredients in this product can help reduce excitability, and the spray is scientifically proven to provide fast, safe, and effective results when you want to stop your kitty from misbehaving. Use it only as directed. One small, short burst of the spray is all you need. Hold the can in an upright position, and spray the product in the direction of your pet, remaining roughly 12 to 18 inches away. Never spray the product directly onto your cat, and never spray it into your pet’s face.

Remember, this is a behavior modification tool that is designed for cats that are exhibiting aggressive or destructive behaviors, so this might not be the right product to choose if you want to calm your cat down or make him feel less anxious, as the noise might make him even more fearful.

According to the manufacturer, this product boasts patent pending technology, it does not cause harm to cats when used as directed, and it releases a lavender chamomile fragrance. The noise that this product creates is quick and meant to grab your pet’s attention. At the same time that the noise is made to get your cat’s attention, a pheromone mist that mimics natural pheromones is released, and it is the pheromone that helps reduce excitability.

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  1. Sentry Calming Cat Spray

Another pheromone spray by Sentry is their Calming Spray for Cats. This product is scientifically proven to help calm pets who are anxious and who find themselves in stressful situations. And it can also help with kitties that misbehave as a result of their tension and fear.

This spray, which is easy to use, is safe, effective, and proven to modify stress related behaviors in felines. It contains a patented pheromone that helps calm your cat down in a natural way. If your pet is in a new environment or is stressed for any reason, like needing to go to the vet, having visitors at home, or anything in between, this product might help reduce his anxiety and make him feel more confident and comfortable.

You can use this product in a variety of ways. For example, if your cat suffers from separation anxiety, try spraying Sentry Calming Cat Spray in your home, especially where your kitty likes to sleep, to help him feel safer. And, in addition to using this pheromone spray at home, you can also use it in your kitty’s crate to make travel a less jarring experience and to help your kitty feel secure.

How does it work? Well, this spray mimics the neonatal pheromone that is released by mother cats, so your kitty can feel less nervous in a variety of scenarios, from car rides to noisy thunderstorms. Also, if your kitten or adult cat is exhibiting problematic behaviors like excessive meowing, unwanted scratching, or urine marking, this pheromone spray might help reduce or stop those behaviors.

One small burst of the spray is all you need. Just be sure to read the directions carefully and only use this product as directed. And keep in mind that every kitty is unique, so, like all of the items on this list, you will need to see how your pet reacts to this spray to determine if it will work.

Finally, it is also important to note that this product does release a lavender chamomile fragrance, which is meant to be soothing and pleasant. Therefore, if you are hoping to get an odor-free pheromone spray, this is not the ideal option.

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Pheromone products, including sprays, diffusers, and collars, might be just what you need to help your kitty feel more relaxed if he tends to be stressed out.

If you give these products a try and you don’t see improvement, though, consult with your veterinarian to determine what might be at the root of your pet’s negative behaviors, and to figure out what to do. Remember, underlying health problems might lead to unwanted behaviors, like urinating outside the litter box or aggression and agitation, so you want to be sure you’re treating the real cause of the problem to help your pet remain happy and healthy.