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Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

Probiotics for cats help maintain healthy gut flora and can support your pet’s overall immune system, in addition to helping with a range of gastrointestinal issues. There are various formulas and options out there, so read on to learn which probiotics are the best fit for your cat’s needs!

The benefits of probiotics for humans are many, but what about cats? Can our pets benefit from good bacteria in their digestive tract? Probiotics for cats are a great way to introduce beneficial bacteria to regulate their gastrointestinal and overall health. Microorganisms in the gut help with various issues, from minor disturbances such as upset stomach to more complex problems such as weaker immune systems. Unfortunately, most cats don’t have a diet and lifestyle that leads to thriving gut flora.

In the wild, our pet’s ancestors would get everything they need from their prey, including good (and bad) bacteria. That’s not always the case with commercial pet food, so there’s sometimes a need to introduce cat probiotics separately to regain balance and heal their digestive system. There are various types of probiotics for cats out there, from different formulas to different delivery methods- we’ve handpicked the best probiotics for cats to make your choice easier.

1. Editor’s Choice: VetriScience Laboratories – Probiotic Everyday for Cats

Formulated to support normal GI tract function and digestion, this daily supplement for cats helps maintain a healthy digestive tract, reduces gas and bloating, stops stress-induced diarrhea, and improves immune system function. VetriScience Laboratories – Probiotic Everyday for Cats comes in the form of bite-sized chews, so it won’t be a problem for your cat to consume; in fact, many kitties will view this supplement as a tasty treat, even those considered to be picky eaters. Each duck-flavored chew contains over 100 million CFU of patented, highly stable GanedenBC probiotics that are readily available and pack a potent punch for fast and noticeable results. A good choice for everyday use or to prevent an upset tummy during stressful situations such as vet visits or moving!

2. Runner Up: NutraVet Probiotics for Dogs and Cats

If you’re worried about administering probiotics to your cat, your safest bet is to get one that is easy to mask and sneak in their regular food. NutraVet Probiotics for Dogs and Cats comes in a form of liquid drops that can be given directly or added to wet food or kibble- and your pet will be none the wiser! In addition to being convenient to use, this pet probiotic also boasts impressive efficiency and potency. It contains 20 different good bacteria strains which means that it delivers a whopping 5 billion CFU. Fast-acting, this liquid cat probiotic is absorbed quicker by your cat’s body, making it a good choice for urgent situations or sudden bouts of diarrhea or constipation as well as for regular use. NutraVet Pet Probiotic Drops are made in the USA by a GMP-certified facility.

3. Customer’s Choice: Purina Fortiflora Cat Probiotic Powder Supplement

Easy to use, tasty to cats, and efficient at what it does- Purina Fortiflora Cat Probiotic Powder Supplement is popular for good reason. This powdered cat probiotic will help with diarrhea in cats and kittens alike, promote healthy digestion, and as it is fortified with antioxidants, it can also boost your pet’s immune system. The probiotic is easy to dose and serve- one packet of liver-flavored powder should be sprinkled over your pet’s food each day and they’ll get all the benefits of probiotics thanks to the proprietary microencapsulation process for enhanced stability of live active probiotic cultures in the supplement.

4. Best for Diarrhea: VetOne Advita Powder Probiotic Nutritional Supplement for Cats

Bouts of diarrhea are not just unpleasant but can be dangerous for your pet. Whether the diarrhea is acute or chronic, it can lead to dehydration, poor absorption of nutrients, and further health issues. VetOne Advita Powder Probiotic Nutritional Supplement for Cats helps your pet get normal stool consistency once again, as well as support their digestive health in general. This is achieved thanks to 4 live, active cultures and prebiotic inulin, including a minimum of 200 million total colony-forming microorganisms in each packet. The unique formula makes this probiotic powder highly efficient and quick-acting to boot. Micro-encapsulated for better stability, this cat probiotic supplement also contains vitamins A, C, and E to give your cat’s immune system a boost, as well.

5. Best for Constipation: Vetrinex Labs Cat and Dog Probiotics with Digestive Enzymes

Chronic constipation is no fun- often affecting senior cats or those suffering from certain medical issues, constipation can be painful, frustrating, and downright dangerous if not treated on time. With the main goal of restoring balance back to your cat’s GI tract, Vetrinex Labs Cat and Dog Probiotics with Digestive Enzymes combines the two most powerful digestion aids into one formula. Digestive enzymes support nutrient absorption and improve digestion, while a potent blend of 7 carefully selected species of beneficial bacteria will quickly restore gut balance and help normalize your pet’s stool and regularity. Potent and highly efficient, this powdered probiotic contains 3 billion CFUs per scoop- and it’s easy to sneak into food, too.

6. Best for Allergies: Strawfield Pets Cat Probiotics

Cats with allergies, especially those that have food sensitivities, often have issues with gut flora. Some research suggests that a thriving, diverse gut microbiome could mean fewer allergy symptoms, and the best way to populate your cat’s gut with beneficial bacteria is through probiotics. Strawfield Pets Cat Probiotics have a unique formula that combines multiple beneficial ingredients that help the immune system, digestive health, and promote healthier skin and coat- all of which are issues that allergic cats struggle with.

With 5 strains of bacteria and 2 billion CFUs, this supplement is more than able to soothe your cat’s upset stomach and improve their gastrointestinal health, whereas wild-caught Alaskan salmon oil adds a boost of essential fatty acids needed for reduced itching and skin dryness. To top it all off, this probiotic supplement is also fortified with L-lysine, an amino acid essential to cats, which supports their overall health and improves their immune system. While all of these ingredients were enough to impress us, our felines might not be as enthusiastic about these chews- which is why there’s catnip in the formula to make this supplement irresistible to any feline who needs them.

7. Best for Kittens: PetAg Bene-Bac Plus Pet Gel

Kittens are very fragile, particularly bottle-fed orphans. For a kitten, diarrhea or gastrointestinal upset could even be fatal, so it’s crucial to react quickly and make sure that they pass stool normally. PetAg Bene-Bac Plus Pet Gel is easy to dose and administer and can even be given to kittens as young as newborns. You can administer it directly or smudge over your pet’s paw and they will lick them on their own. The probiotic gel contains a concentrated live culture of seven fat encapsulated microorganisms found in the intestinal tract of small mammals that produces 20 million CFU of viable bacteria per gram. As a result, this supplement will quickly and efficiently stop diarrhea in kittens and normalize their digestion. A lifesaver- literally!

8. Best for Hairball Relief: Get Naked Furball Relief Soft Treats for Cats

Cats are avid groomers, but that comes with one major side-effect: hairballs. While, usually, it doesn’t take much for the hairballs to pass normally with the stool, sometimes the hair builds up in the gastrointestinal tract which causes issues such as coughing, vomiting, or even constipation. Get Naked Furball Relief Soft Treats for Cats are formulated to prevent this from happening by utilizing natural dietary fiber, flaxseed, prebiotics, and probiotics in their treat formula. The patented beneficial bacteria strain Gained BC30 will support healthy digestion and stool regularity, and with the addition of natural oils, it will be easier for your cat to pass hair when they go potty. Also, it doesn’t hurt that this supplement comes in the form of a chicken-flavored treat that felines are bound to go bananas for!

9. Best for Anal Glands: Glandex Cat Anal Gland Sac Fiber Supplement

While most cats can express their anal glands without assistance, sometimes, their dietary habits can make matters more complicated and cause inflammation or even infection. Naturally, in most cases, this can be remedied when gut health improves, and probiotics are a great way to do just that. Glandex Cat Anal Gland Sac Fiber Supplement is formulated specifically to target issues that precede anal gland problems. The supplement includes pumpkin seed, omega fatty acids, probiotics, and digestive enzymes blended together for a potent effect. Its formula is optimized to cause bulkier and firmer stools that will naturally express the glands on the way out- it ain’t pretty but it gets the job done.

10. Best for Older Cats: Dr. Bill’s Feline Digestive Support

Packed with a handful of natural ingredients, this probiotic for adult and senior cats provides their bodies with essential pre- and probiotics to re-establish a healthy digestive system.

Ideal for adult and senior cats, this digestive supplement can help get your cat’s digestive system back on track. By using high quality natural ingredients like ginger root, lemon balm and psyllium husk, this powdered supplement’s unique formula aids in digestion, absorption, optimum nutrient utilization as well as microflora health.

Made in the USA and regulated by the National Animal Supplement Control (NASC), the Dr.Bill’s Feline Digestive Support pre- and probiotic supplement is both veterinarian-developed and recommended.

11. Best Duck Flavored: Pet Naturals of Vermont Daily Probiotic for Cats

Designed to help normalize your cat’s digestive functions, these great tasting, veterinarian formulated chewables use pure, potent ingredients to keep your cat happy and healthy.

This popular probiotic was formulated by veterinarians and has been approved by NASC to provide your feline friend with essential immune system support. These delicious tablets are made without the use of wheat, corn or artificial ingredients and feature a tasty duck flavor that your cat will go crazy for. Just one chewable a day guarantees 100 million CFU’s to the gut and supports healthy gut flora, digestion and regularity.

12. Best 3-in-1: Clear Max Probiotics for Cats & Dogs

This high potency liquid supplement can be used on pets of all ages and sizes to provide their digestive system with not only essential probiotics, but prebiotics and enzymes as well.

Suitable for both cats and dogs, this Clear Max Probiotics sports a unique formula. Instead of having a cupboard filled with different supplements, this product uses an organic blend of prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes to help your furry friends absorb more nutrients, soothe stomach discomfort, and optimize their digestion.

This product is made without the use of GMOs, sugar, or hormones and can be given to your pet directly, or mixed in with their food or water.

13. Best for Multi-Pet Homes: Nutramax Proviable Health Supplement

Filled with a handful of different probiotic species, these capsules deliver 5 billion CFU’s to help keep your cat’s intestines happy and healthy regardless of what’s happening in their day-to-day lives.

The Nutramax Proviable Health Supplement contains a whopping 7 strains of key beneficial bacteria to help restore intestinal microflora balance. Whether your four legged friend has experienced stress due to travel or a change in diet, these sprinkle capsules support gastrointestinal health in not only cats, but dogs as well, making this a good option for multi-pet homes.

14. Best Value: PetUltimates Probiotics for Cats

One small sprinkle of this powdered supplement and your feline companion will benefit from reduced shedding, firmer stools, and a more pleasant smelling litter box.

With 5 billion CFU’s and twenty different types of probiotic bacteria per scoop, this PetUltimates probiotics powder is a top contender. Not to mention, each container provides you with 120 servings, making this a great value buy! It’s ultra-concentrated formula is made in the USA and certified at a GMP lab to provide your pet with digestion support, as well as protect the colon against mucosal inflammation and infections due to yeast or toxic bacteria.

15. Also Consider: NUSENTIA Probiotics for Cats & Dogs

Best suited for pets dealing with constipation, diarrhea, gas, sensitive stomachs or recovering from an antibiotic therapy, this tasteless powder promotes a healthy gut and natural digestion.

It’s not uncommon for older cats or other animals dealing with specific medical issues to have to deal with discomfort caused by constipation. If not treated, this can become a potentially dangerous issue.

This Nusentia Probiotics powdered formula is packed with 120 billion CFU per jar and is made without the use of fillers, flavors, gluten or dairy. When mixed into food, this powerful formula is undetectable, leaving behind no odor or flavours.

Benefits of Probiotics for Cats

A healthy gut is important not just for digestion, but for your pet’s overall health. When there aren’t enough good bacteria in your cat’s digestive system, it can trigger a host of issues ranging from vomiting, gassiness, and diarrhea, to skin and coat issues and a weakened immune system. This is why many pet owners decide on supplementing probiotics and prebiotics in their cat’s diet. Most cat diets based on regular commercial pet food don’t offer enough fiber and live probiotics your cat’s body could utilize, so unless you are feeding a specific diet for digestive issues, you would have to introduce probiotics separately. Here are some of the main benefits of probiotics for cats:

  • Improvement in appetite- often much needed for seniors and kittens
  • Stool stabilization- helps with constipation and stops diarrhea
  • Re-balances gut flora after a course of antibiotics
  • Can help support an optimal immune system
  • Can improve quality of life for cats with IBD, infections, or food sensitivities
  • Easier passing of hairballs
  • Soothes upset digestive tract in stressful situations

Of course, as is the case with any supplements or changes in diet, it’s best to consult with your veterinarian first. They know your pet’s medical history and can advise you what works best for their unique needs and save you a lot of trouble in the long run. This is particularly important if your pet has chronic digestive issues, as it’s crucial to eliminate any serious underlying issues that could be causing the symptoms- those that would require extensive therapy rather than probiotics.

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