CatCon Celebrates National Cat Lady Day

Crazy Cat Ladies – the day is yours! CatCon celebrates you and your love of felines with the first official National Cat Lady Day!

The myth of the Cat Lady, especially the Crazy Cat Lady, haunts every single female lover of cats. You’re a woman and you have even just one cat, but you post too much of her on your instagram? People might just start throwing that hashtag around.

But now, you can arm against it. CatCon, one of the leading cat conventions in the world, announced that April 19 will be officially recognized as the first annual “National Cat Lady Day”. You don’t have to be ashamed anymore! With the help of CatCon, it looks like Cat Ladies are on the rise.

CatCon creator Susan Michals told PRNewswire that she believed that the notion of the “ dowdy spinster” was not true of cat people any more; more and more, women who own cats are chic and on it.

“The Simpsons'” trope of the lonely old lady and her 20 cats is one of the bygone era. Michals cited designers like Stella McCartney and Kate Spade, as well as actresses Dita Von Teese, Ke$ha and Kate McKinnon as famous and chic cat people. Women who own their cat-lady-ness with pride make it easier for all of us common women to stand tall as we adore our furry friends.

It’s common knowledge that Michals does have a point. It turns out is the 58th most popular hashtag on Instagram with over 107 million images in it. Cat lovers don’t exist on the fringes any more. Loving your cat is now something you can do with pride, and you can get some great likes for it!

Michals thinks that the internet’s love of cats doesn’t just extend to cat ladies themselves. The pet industry, in general, has made the change to make cat loving something chique. The existence of CatCon is tribute to that – CatCon is an amazing cat convention that is going on it’s third year.

Held in LA, the convention is exactly the type of stylish that Michals is talking about; you can get cat themed cocktails while looking at cat themed decor to make you the ultimate instagram style queen. With beautiful and modern litter boxes that really blend into the decor of your home, fashionable cat backpacks and adorable cat beds, loving your cat no longer has to come at the cost of your own sense of style!

CatCon invites you to take part in the movement by taking pictures of yourself in your best cat lady outfits and tagging it with ladycool con. Let the world know that you’re loud and proud about your love of your cat, and you have no problem showing it off to the world! Be a part of the movement that’s rebranding loving your cat, and reclaim that feel.

And if you’d like to attend this year’s CatCon convention, head to the official website for tickets.

Elisabeth Fillmore
Elisabeth Fillmore

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