The Claws Are Out as England Battles Russia for "World's Best Cat"

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis

Not since the days of Vader and Luke has such rivalry been seen! At the LondonCats show, two top national kitty contenders battled for the title of “World’s Best Cat.”

It was a head-to-head international rivalry between the world’s top two felines–Mowgleaves Stonehenge, or Stone, of Shoreditch, England and Russia’s own Rumfold Such A Flirt Shu-Ko, or Sashock to us commoners. The two competed in London at LondonCats.

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Sashock currently holds the world’s best title, but has been feeling the nip of youngster Stone’s approach for the last year as they’ve competed in their respective categories for top rankings and titles all over the world. Stone is an American Shorthair, sturdy in girth and in affection, while Sashock, a Russian Scottish fold mesmerizes his adoring fans with his tightly-folded ears and big eyes. That ‘owl face’ wins him big points with the judges from the International Cat Association (TICA), and interestingly, to win top honors, it’s not just about how you look, but who you beat.

Stone won title of World’s Best Kitten last May, and entered this competition with that honor and many others he’s acquired through the year. Now an big boy of the ripe old age of one, he went for the gold this weekend and the title of World’s Best Cat, currently held by Sashock. Rarely is the opportunity to win two World’s Best titles in one year.

While you’d think that the current world climate and international tensions that resemble the days of the Cold War would be enough to make the competition this weekend a nail biter (and you’d be right!), there’s a delicious plot twist. It turns out that not only is this a battle between nations, but a battle between bloodlines as well as Sashock is Stone’s father!

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And, while it may seem that Stone and his muscular form and fancy markings may combine with his youth to take the reign from right under his father’s paws, it may not be that easy as Rumfold Such A Flirt Shu-Ko is clearly the epitome of near-purrfection in his breed.

The world will soon see whether son bests father, as results will be announced later this month.

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