Cats Break The Internet With Kittenish – A Book Of Naked Selfies!

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Kim Kardashian has nothing on these adorable (and self-absorbed) cats – and this new coffee book of cat selfies is going to prove it!

Do you ever wonder what type of picture your feline furball would snap if equipped with her own iPhone and told to “have at it”? Yeah, we can’t either! Well lucky for us, New York Times bestselling author Gwen Cooper did and the crowd-sourced results that numbered in the thousands were deemed sufficiently entertaining to produce a 200-page, coffee-table caliber book entitled “Kittenish”. Yes, author Cooper is poking fun at Kim Kardashian’s bestselling (really, people?) “Selfish” and has assembled a literal gallery of selfies taken by cats in the nude! Yep, no funny hats, silly boots or coats… simply in the fur Mother Nature gave ‘em!

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While I’m not convinced any one of my gang has the dexterity to snap a shot of themself let alone perfect the requisite “pout” or “duck-face”, the mention of newly intro’d “sparrow face” might get their creative juices flowing or at least get them to stay awake long enough to smile for the birdie.

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And although the project may sound daffy (sorry, I’m still stuck on the duck-face), 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of “Kittenish” will be donated to Humane Society International to fund their ongoing efforts in Nepal. In fact, Cooper points out that many of those featured in the book are shelter cats from not only around the world but close to home: Tenth Life in St. Louis and Austin Pets Alive! in Texas.

Asked by her readers why she supports animal-rescue efforts in countries other than the U.S., Cooper responds that animals aren’t citizens of countries, but of our hearts and that our hearts have no borders. Her past efforts have raised tens of thousands of dollars to support animal-rescue efforts related to the Egyptian revolution, the Japanese tsunami, and natural disasters throughout the U.S.

Though I suspect Kittenish will raise the fundraising bar in dollars, I just smell a sequel in the works: Kittenish: The B-Roll!

To support animal-rescue efforts in Nepal, you can purchase your copy of “Kittenish” in ebook format for a minimum suggested price of $3.99, and in hard copy for $23.99.Both versions are available for purchase on Cooper’s website.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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