Photographic Proof That Men Who Own Cats Are Hot!

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I want to share a little secret with you. Once upon a time, I would not date a guy who owned a cat. I wouldn’t even consider it. Is a kitty roommate mentioned in your online dating profile? Swipe to the left. For some reason, I thought it meant that they were probably still living in their Mom’s basement and couldn’t make a connection with real people.

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Folks, before you start with trolling this post with nasty comments, I’d like to say, on the record, that I was totally wrong.

Thankfully, I have seen the light, and now am 100 percent on board with a guy, single or otherwise, owning a cat. It’s sexy! And I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Meet New Yorker and photographer David Williams. He started his “Men & Cats” photography collection in 2009 – it’s his way of breaking apart the whole “crazy cat lady” stereotype.

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In a recent interview with Time Out NY magazine, Williams is quoted as saying: “I wanted to show that regardless of gender, many people have found the joy that cat companionship can bring.” And he would know best – David is a proud kitty papa himself.

Check out the complete “Men & Cats” series on David Williams’ official website.

[Source: Juxtapoz]