CFHS Is Out To Prove That Real Men Love Cats

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Which month are you? CGHS looking for real-life men and their cats for the 2016 Cats & Bros calendar

Not since the Village People parodied gender typecasting in the song Macho Man, has the tough-guy image been so heavily challenged to… well, get over itself.

Yes, the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies has decided to shatter the stereotypical image of dog being man’s best friend by challenging guys to come clean and go public with calendar-worthy photos of the ladies they spend their evenings with – their cats! C’mon dudes, we know you have them. And we think it’s sexy!

The project is tagged as Cats & Bros and CFHS is recruiting contenders for the 2016 version of the calendar, asking guys to enter their favourite photo in a bid to be one of the 13 chosen to win a spot in the coveted fund-raiser.

In Canada alone an estimated 600,000 cats are either homeless or languish in shelters with many not making it out due to illness and euthanasia. The Cats & Bros calendar helps to raise awareness and assist CFHS in educating the public and finding forever homes for these forgotten felines.

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How it works? Snap a photo of you with your tuna loving housemate and enter it on CFHS’ online photo site between March 16 and June 30, 2015. Share your entry on social media, using the hashtag and encourage friends, family, your co-workers, even that neighbour you don’t get along with, to vote for you and puss! Famous Canadian cat-aficionado Bubbles (“Trailer Park Boys”) has already submitted his entry… and we may have voted for him!

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Voters can visit the site and purr-use the contenders before deciding on their calendar boy (ideally, you!). You can then donate anywhere from $1 to $2,500, with each dollar counting as one vote. The deadline is June 30, 2015 and all funds go to support CFHS’ mission to end the cat crisis in Canada.

So are you ready for that close up? Say treats! And we’ll let you know where you can purchase a calendar once the winners have been picked.

[Source: Catster]

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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