Costumed Kitties Pay Homage to Taylor Swift and Sparks Fly!

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A veterinarian out of Portland, Oregon digs Taylor Swift. Like, really digs her. And is so psyched for Swift’s release of her latest album, “Reputation,” she’s going viral with an homage to Swift.

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What’s that look like, you ask? Why, it looks like a foster cat dressed up in outfits that mirror Swift’s trhough the years. Not only is Jessica a veterinarian, she’s also a pretty decent sewist, as she made all the fantabulous costumes herself.

She posted them on her Instagram account and the Internet simply couldn’t shake it off. And how could it? These costumes are off the hook for dedication, complete with accoutrements like an acoustic guitar (with Swift’s signature stamping approval) or all the names of her foster cats as the singer’s feline singing squad.

Jessica says she watched the music video for Swift’s new song “Look What You Made Me Do,” and then apparently felt the need to do something that would serve a fitting tribute to that song by going all extreme-crafting for her cats.

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Joking aside, the kind-hearted vet is bringing lots of attention to how fostering and/or adopting cats can be, and says that her kittehs were pretty cooperative and even seemed to enjoy being able to run around freely while they looked so fierce.

And, we know that Swift is a cat-girl herself, so we’re pretty sure even in her Wildest Dreams, she’s not seen fanning this spectacular!