Ding-Dong! Smalls Delivers Your Cat’s Delectable Dinner

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
When it comes to finding high-quality, biology-based products for cats, you could say the pet industry sort of acts like a cat has its tongue. At least that’s what the co-founders of Smalls found when they were looking at a market that seemed to focus heavily on dogs. That was their inspiration for creating the company committed uniquely to cats’ needs and health and well-being. And only cats, thank you very much.

Face it. If you’re a cat person, you may feel a bit…well, slighted. It seems the whole world’s all about those drooling doggos, while the cat section of any pet store seems a bit lacking. (Okay, okay, they may drool, but that’s just what dogs do and of course, we love them too.)

Considering that lack of product a problem for cat parents, Matt Michaelson and Calvin Bohn teamed up to create Smalls—a company that is rapidly filling the quality cat product market gap up like you read about.

Smalls For Cats: Big On Quality

So what exactly is Smalls? Smalls is an online cat food company (though they’ve begun to branch out) and we fell in love with them because they know that there’s more to taking care of your cat than just feeding and hydrating them.

What you feed your cat matters, and in a world where you can find several human-grade, biology-based quality foods for dogs—ones that offer the convenience of delivery, no less—Smalls believes cats deserve the same.

Smalls operates under the belief that there are two grades of foods for pets: human-grade and feed-grade. Feed-grade is basically byproducts of meat industries that humans wouldn’t consume but Smalls believes if it isn’t good enough for a cat’s human, it’s not good enough for a cat.

Not to mention, human-grade ingredients offer better safety and quality for your pet, and have the natural moisture that a cat needs for digestion and hydration. All too often, you’ll only find out your cat is dehydrated when your cat has a problem—bladder or urinary tract problems, or stones that are painful for them to pass. Food is an essential source of hydration for your cat, and in the wild, they’d likely get it by eating the vital organs of their prey. Smalls’ Fresh recipes contain that hydration they need and that most dry kibble alone just doesn’t have.

Why Are Smalls’ Fresh Recipes The Food Your Cat Craves And Needs?

The Smalls recipes are all formulated under the advice of Dr. Susan Lauten. Dr. Lauten is with the American Association of Veterinary Nutritionists. Her insight and expertise is what makes Smalls food biologically based to be more like a cat’s natural diet and to be a food they’ll go nuts for because of the taste and the quality.

Cats have evolved biologically to eat fresh, moist animal protein. There’s no starchy kibble in that lizard or bird or mouse they’d catch in the wild, and Smalls doesn’t have any either. It’s full of all the vegetable-based vitamins and nutrients cats need to not only survive but thrive.

What Does Human-Grade Cat Food Even Mean?

What we love most about Smalls Cat Food is that they just wanted to create a cat food that was better for your cat. They saw a niche in the cat food industry to offer high-quality food made of premium ingredients and they ran with it.

All the food is made with fresh ingredients—cooked gently to ensure the freshest, tastiest food. Human-grade means just what it sounds like—the ingredients are the same quality that you’d find at your local human food store, and prepared regularly to ensure that each batch is fresh upon delivery.

Ding-Dong! Dinner Is Delivered

Speaking of delivery, that’s another great thing about Smalls. Not only did the fine feline folks there want a premium cat food for you to choose from, they wanted it to be convenient. Just like you might do with some of the subscription meal plans you can order for your human selves, you can go on to Smalls’ website and answer their questions to prepare the perfect plan just for your cat. There are nine from which you can choose, and they also include different ratios of wet-to-dry food if you still want to offer kibble to your kitteh. We started with a two-week sampler for some of the pickiest cats we know and the overwhelming feedback was that it was “Meow-tastic.” (They do offer a money-back guarantee, though, just in case.)

The six options for wet food include minced chicken, minced turkey, chicken pate, turkey pate, minced beef and beef pate. The freeze-dried raw food choices are chicken, turkey and duck and the three flavors of ‘simply cooked’ kibble are chicken, fish and turkey. Whatever you choose, you know that it’s made from fresh, whole foods and delivered right to your door.

Smalls has some other benefits too—quality food that is conveniently delivered to your door is fabulous, but the health benefits can’t be beat. When your cat is eating higher-quality foods, they’re going to absorb more nutrients and water and have better guts and poop.

Yes, poop. Your cat’s litter box will smell a good bit better once they’ve gotten Smalls into their system, and you can expect a shinier coat and fewer hairballs too. Just like in humans, when your cat can use the food you eat as fuel for your body’s cellular functioning? They’ll boast their best health ever.

Smalls Cat Food: The Products Cats Need And The Convenience You Want

At the end of the day, there’s just about nothing we wouldn’t do for our furbabies, is there? But isn’t it great when making the best choices for them just comes so easily? Smalls Cat Foods are made with human-grade ingredients and the formulas are expertly-formulated for the unique biological needs cats have. And it’s all gently cooked and fresh—delivered right to your door.

And now, it couldn’t be easier to give your cat the food they’ve been telling you they wanted all this time (you thought they were just batting your face at 3 am for fun?). Just head over to the Smalls site and give the Sampler Box a shot. You’ll get to take 25% off, and be a hero to your cat.

That’s what we call winning.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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