Hilarious Tutorial on How To Put on a Jumper (Without Disturbing Your

How To Put On A Jumper (Without Disturbing Your Cat) is the exact type of parody video that you want to see to brighten your day.

Created by Roger Brawn, with the help of his cat Spiggy, the video is a two minute tutorial demonstrating how to put on a jumper while your cat sits on your shoulders (or is draped around your neck).

The key here is that Brawn can put on a jumper (a sweater to us Americans) while rearranging Spiggy on his back, so the cat never actually has to do anything other than adjust. The key, Brawn explains, is that you need to be able to bounce Spiggy up and down on your back to help them adjust to the new sweater, while also rearranging the sweater around your own body. It helps if the sweater is larger, of course, because then you have more room and the adjustment with the cat is easier.

While the tutorial of this video in itself is excellent, it’s the narration that really brings it home. In his polite and crisp English accent, Brawn starts the video with a very simple statement: “in these energy conscious times, it makes sense to have a cat wrapped around your neck.”

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This conceit is what this video then explores; if you have an energy saving cat, as he calls it, around your neck, how do you put on an extra jumper without disturbing it? The images of Brawn mowing his lawn, or cooking, with his cat, are truly adorable, and make the whole video worth watching.

I loved this video because the dry wit, Brawn’s kind smile and the background upbeat elevator-style music really made the whole thing come together for me. The internet is full of silly videos, but this is a silly cat video that will make you laugh.

Elisabeth Fillmore
Elisabeth Fillmore

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