International Cat Association Adds Lykoi Breed to Its Roster

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
The International Cat Association has announced they’ve recognized a new breed, the Lykoi cat, and they’re definitely crying, “Wolf!”

While the American Kennel Club has announced it’s added two dogs to its breed roster this week, the International Cat Association also had an announcement about its recognized breed. The Lykoi is known as a ‘werewolf’ cat because of it’s golden and black-rimmed eyes and its resemblance to a werewolf and has been added as a new recognized breed. Feline fanciers couldn’t be happier.

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This is a partially hairless breed with a unique color and coat, which is a combination of black and white hair. The fur is short to medium length, and it features coarse or fine hair, though it will be distributed thinly over the cat’s body.

Interestingly, the Lykoi cat breed comes from a naturally occurring gene that was found within a feral cat population. In 2011, Patti Thomas and Brittney and Johnny Gobble recognized the differences in their unique and unrelated cats and did medical testing and intentional breeding to breed the first intentionally bred Lykoi cat. Since then fanciers have continued to breed for the specific traits of the Lykoi–thin, partially hairless short-hairs with unique eye patterns and coat colors, and this week, they were rewarded when the Lykoi was officially recognized.

Cat breeder Anthony Hutcherson says the cat is a very sweet breed with an interesting appearance, even if some have found the ‘werewolf’ like effect to be a bit off-putting. Hutcherson says many people appreciate them for just that look, but with a sweet and smart attitude.

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The International Cat Association says that the name Lykoi actually means ‘wolf cat’ in Greek, and the intelligent problem solvers are a cool product of what natural mutation and then intentional breeding in a domestic shorthair can look like.

Now, with its addition to the Association, it won’t be a lone wolf anymore!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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