Locals Outraged After Loitering Cat Banned From His Favorite Store

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A convenience store in Bournemouth, England, has learned that banning a loved local cat may not have been the best business decision!

Customers of the One Stop convenience store in Bournemouth, England are in an uproar as a local cat has been banned from coming to the store. The cat, Dave, is a community favorite who likes to take naps in the shop. He also likes to collect pets from the customers, which came in droves, until an anonymous complaint prompted the store to make his presence no longer welcomed.

Dave is a ginger tabby who lives across from the shop, and now that he’s been banned, customers say it’s the saddest thing to watch him ‘pine away’ at the door of the shop, just wanting to come back in and be loved. The locals are not happy about it, nor are some of the employees, who even complained about the complaining anonymous customer, saying that because she went to the head office, Dave’s life is now forever changed.

Jacqueline Malkin is a One Stop employee who claims she is very protective of Dave, and is hoping that he will be welcomed back in.

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We will not be moved!!!!

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Customers are joining together to have the ban removed, and a former employee doesn’t understand what the issue was because he was such a loved cat who bothered no one. He says the food in the store is sealed, and Dave’s presence should not be a concern with regard to health.

Dave was so beloved and famous people would come just to see him, meaning he was as much a marketing tool as a store napper, and some residents believe that the complaining customer should be banned instead of Dave.

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And despite the protests and boycotts from residents, a One Stop spokesperson says that while they’re fond of Dave, they don’t want him in the store.

Well, harrumph and good day to them, then!

Lori Ennis
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