Man Fakes Death, Cat Overcome by Mehs [Videos]

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
It’s no secret that most cats seem to have no f#$%s to give when it comes to emotion for their humans. But one man set out to prove that while death doesn’t bother his cat, it makes his dog lose his sh$t!

I’m not going to say that cats don’t give a rat’s rear about the fates of their humans because I’ve known plenty of cats who seem to actually like their biped partners, and are even affectionate with them. In other words, they act like dogs.

Ba dum dum.

Seriously, though…it’s no secret that cats are a bit on the indifferent side, as a general rule and in their world, if they reject you and your love? It’s a very emotionally bonding thing.

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So when Cory Williams, the owner of Sparta (aka the Mean Kitty), Loki (another kitty) and Penny (a copper-colored pup) decided to see what reaction he’d get out of the kittehs when he pretended to fake his death, we can’t say that we are surprised the cats weren’t a bit…meh.

As Cory clutched his chest and fell to the ground, Loki sat on the stairs and watched the whole situation with nary a concern. Sparta/Mean Kitty was a bit more involved, coming to Cory and making sure his hand wasn’t actually able to be used for its designed use: petting Sparta.

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A few rubs of Cory’s hand to just make sure there were no rubs left, and Sparta decided he’d just hang out anyway–underside ready when he was, but not one bit concerned about Cory’s inability to move. This prompted Cory to ‘wake’ with a disappointed, “Really, dude?” to Sparta, who was still waiting fairly patiently for that belly rub he believed should have happened whether Cory was dead or not!

Funnier, though, was when Cory attempted the same with his dog Penny. Initially, Penny did the same as Sparta–a little bit of interest wondering what was happening and how it was going to affect him. But where Sparta didn’t give a fig, Penny frantically started a campaign to get Cory moving again, furiously rubbing up against him and tapping him for consciousness. When Cory ‘woke,’ and gave all the rubs, you could literally see Penny’s relief that her human was still with her, and the loving was still a coming.

All while Sparta looked on, and if his look could be put to words?

He’d tell them both they were a@*holes! Because after all: Mean Kitty!

The video with Sparta’s indifference has already garnered nearly four million views, and the video of Penny pining away has only been released for fewer than 24 hours and is bound to go viral too. All dog/cat psychology aside? They’re kind of addicting to watch! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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