Dog’s Final Tribute To Her Master Shows Loyalty To The End

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A heart-breaking picture of a pup without her human is making the rounds on the Internet, proving that even in death, our dogs remain loyal.

An elderly dog who lost her cherished human gave him one last farewell, in a picture captured by the funeral home that was in charge of the arrangements.

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Sadie, a 13-year-old border collie mix, was heartbroken when her master Andy Beaulieu died. According to his wife Julia, when he collapsed from a heart attack, even after the paramedics stopped working on him, Sadie kept nudging his hand to get him to respond to her and give a pet. Julia said that Sadie stopped eating and only seemed to even perk up at all in the afternoon when Andy typically was expected to come in the door after work.

Sadie came to the funeral, as Julia said it was only right because she loved her master so much. When she walked in, Jeremy May, the British Columbia funeral director, said that the mood changed immediately and everyone was overwhelmed with Sadie’s grief.

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May said Sadie walked up to his casket with Julia and then stood up against the coffin to lean in and see Andy. She sniffed, and May says it looked as if she recognized that it wasn’t really Andy anymore. He took a picture of the gut-wrenching moment to give to Julia after. He also posted it on the Facebook page of his company, and people from all over the world have been responding to the touching tribute from Sadie.

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Julia said that the closure was apparently what Sadie needed, as she went home and ate two meals. Maybe she knew that when it was her time to get to the Rainbow Bridge, she’d have someone very special waiting for her.

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