New Google Chrome Extension Makes America Kittens Again!

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Google Chrome has added a new extension in its app store, and it’s sure to “Make America Kittens. It replaces pictures of US President-Elect Donald Trump with…you guessed it…adorable kittens! We’re telling you, this is ‘huge’!

Sometimes when writing about pets, there are days where you have to tackle the heavy issues.

Other times?

You spend hours playing with a new browser extension that Google Chrome has released in an effort to give the internet a little less orange glow and over-the-top gestures and a lot more adorable.

Adorable kittens, that is!

Make America Kittens Again is the name of the extension, and when downloaded and part of your Chrome browser, it automatically replaces images of Donald Trump (which are plastered all over the internet) with the cutes kitty cat pictures you’ve ever seen.

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The plugin doesn’t work perfectly on every page, but I have to tell you, I could not stop giggling as I tried the extension out on different sites. I mean, if this doesn’t scream, “It’s official! Take me seriously!” I don’t know what does!

Those are some of the cutest ‘supporters’ we’ve ever seen!

White House slams Trump; Kitty slams scrubber in tub. News at 11!

We especially love this presidential-elect family photo of Trump, accompanied by his children! And, the thought of an Ah-nold and Trump Cat-aboration!

From the looks of these pictures, seems Trump and Pence are super ready for business!

Apparently ‘probing’ looks a lot like some cute kittehs being cute!

Not to be left out of the litter, US Magazine also shares how First-Lady Elect Mrs. Trump is helping son Barron not stress…cute cat posters, anyone?

International sites are not left out of the fun! And, though I don’t know German or French, seems like Mr. Trump is known just as ‘bigly’ in other countries!

Trump translated in Polish is Trumpowi?? Who knew?!

If you’d like to have your own giggle-fest as you read serious headlines highlighted by adorable kittens, you can download the extension and get to making America Kittens Again!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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