New Louis Vuitton Collection Is the Cat’s Meow

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If you’d ask me, I’d get everything with cats or dogs on it. Mugs, clothes, stationery- I can’t think of anything that wouldn’t be instantly cuter with a pet on it. Of course, a lot of pet parents share my opinion, so it when Louis Vuitton launched their feline-inspired capsule collection, it took the fashion scene by the storm.

The Catogram, as the collection is aptly named, features shoes, purses, and clothes designed by Nicolas Ghesquière and Grace Coddington. Coddington, who is a proud cat lady in addition to being an art and style icon, provided hand-drawn sketches of her own Persians -Pumpkin and Blanket- for the designs. The charming kitties, paired with the recognizable Louis Vuitton print leave no feline-loving fashionista indifferent. You can find them embossed on pricey purses or printed on silky pajamas, luxurious scarves and shoes. There are even whole bags in the shape of Pumpkin and Blanket!

While there’s no doubt about who the real stars are, designers at Louis Vuitton didn’t want for our precious doggos to feel left out so you’ll notice some canine motifs, too. For instance, there are adorable bone-shaped purses or leather bag charms in the shape of a dog- just to name a few. So, if you’re a canine pawrent, you’ll find some cute accessories to flaunt, too- it’s not all for the cat people. I mean, Ghesquière does have an adorable puppy (proof below), so it makes sense they’d include pooches into the design, as well.

Whether you’re a dog person, cat person, or both, you’ll love this high-fashion collection. From feline-tastic scarves to pooch-print pumps, it’s almost impossible to resist! Sure, your bank account might not share your enthusiasm, but you only live once, right?