NY Cat Convention Promises to Wow Kitty Pawrents

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For some time now, feline enthusiasts have been challenging the stereotypical image of the crazy cat lady. Instead of subscribing to the notion that loving cats somehow makes you a weirdo, millennials have been worshiping cats almost like the ancient Egyptians and are proud of it: from kitties who rule the internet, cat cafes to cat rappers– being a cat parent is cool once again.

If you are a kitty parent or just love felines and want to flaunt it, there’s no better place to be than the Catsbury Park Cat Convention, a weekend event that celebrates everything cat-related and promises to be one of the most exciting pet events this year. The event will take place in Convention Hall & Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park in New York, on April 7th & 8th. For general admission, tickets will cost between $12 and $35.

The most anticipated events of the convention are meet and greets with some of the most popular cats on the Internet. Visitors will get the chance to meet cool cats such as Lil’ Bub, Nala, Pudge, Klaus, and Hobbikats, but the pleasure of seeing their whiskers in real life can come with a hefty price tag. Some of the meets and greets were sold out immediately regardless of the $100 fee, but I guess money is no object when it comes to fabulous felines! As for the two-legged celebrities, cat people will be thrilled to learn that Hannah Shaw, aka The Kitten Lady, and Paul The Cat Guy are also making an appearance.

Apart from meeting the celebrities of the feline world, convention attendees will enjoy numerous fun activities, including cat-themed tarot card reading, cat bingo, cat costume and trivia contests. For hardcore kitty lovers, Neptune Tattoo will offer cat-inspired inking, and for the young visitors, there will be organized cat design face painting. It’s safe to say that Catsbury Park Cat Convention will have something meow-tastic for everyone!