2016 Will Be A Hot Year, Thanks To Tails Of NYC Rescue Men Calendar

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Hot men plus cute rescue animals equal an irresistible combination! Make every day a great day with the Tails Of NYC Rescue Men 2016 Calendar.

Want a date with a handsome hunk? What about 365 dates with a great looking guy and his pooch? Okay, let’s sweeten the pot and add a little chocolate to the mix… peanut butter chocolate! Okay, now we’re talking, right? If your answer is a resounding “yes”, then have I got a deal for you… err, for those animal loving, chocolate fanatics on your holiday shopping list!

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It’s called the “Rescue Package” and it’s the brainchild of New Yorkers Felicia Greenfield and Jen Halpern who are determined to raise funds and drive home the case for adopting shelter pets. Both gals are in the entertainment industry so it was a no-brainer that the project would need to be a fun and creative one for this determined duo. According to Halpern, “It’s a blast. Not only do we get to look for handsome men, but we get to hear amazing stories of compassion and love these men have for animals in need. They truly inspire us to want to continue to make a difference for shelter animals.”

With a mantra of driving awareness around Adopt, Never Shop for companion animals, the calendar features 12 men from the Big Apple who have all rescued their furry sidekicks. Generous in spirit, these perfect pet pops have not only saved a life (or in many cases, lives), but they open eyes (and raise eyebrows) of so many who might have wrongly assumed private breeders over shelters is the best route to take. Just one of the handsome faces that grace the pages of 2016 include actor Danny Pino, the star of NBC’s Law & Order: SVU).

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All who worked on the calendar donated their time on a volunteer basis which means all net proceeds from the sale of the Rescue Packages will go to chosen charity Pillows for Paws, a volunteer-run organization that brings comfort and love to NYC shelter animals. The cash raised helps provide supplies for the group to create handmade shelter beds and toys for animals still waiting to be adopted. As the Animal Care Centers of NYC has the greatest number of animals waiting to be adopted, they receive the lion’s share of these donated products.

The “Rescue Package” is just $20 and includes a Rescue Men calendar and two delectable vegan Peanut Butter Pit Bull chocolate bars from Rescue Chocolate. This is the perfect gift for any animal admirer on your holiday shopping list – and don’t forget to order one for yourself!

For more details or to order, visit the official Rescue Men website.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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