How to Stop a Greedy Cat from Scarfing Down Food

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This is Jessica (blending into the rug). Jessica is a lovable, adorable little girl. Well, I say lovable. She’s pretty grumpy, has a tendency to sulk and has to have hugs because she’s insecure. In fact she has a lot of issues. But most of the time she’s lovable. All cats have their problems and most of them I can deal with.

However, there’s one problem that Jessica had that was totally getting on my nerves. Jessica’s biggest failing is that she is extremely greedy. She wolfs down her food so quick, she barely chews it. A couple of minutes after each meal, she throws it up again. Great, so then I have to spend my time cleaning it up… and it’s not nice, I can tell you!

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I’ve tried several ideas over the last few years to try and put a stop to this. I work from home, so I’ve got the time to take a break from writing about puking cats, or whatever, to tend to the every need of my three cats. It was no big deal to give them lots of small meals a day. My thinking was, less food equals less chance of throwing up. But no. It didn’t work, she was still sick.

I started looking for a way to slow down her eating. There seemed to be plenty of special bowls for dogs, ones that made it more complicated to get the food out, so they eat slower – but I couldn’t find anything similar that would be suitable for cats.

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Then I happened upon an amazing solution.

You may think that I’m about to sell you some miracle potion at an extortionate price. Nope! This solution is actually incredibly cheap, and you don’t even need to come to me to buy it! In fact, you may even have it already in your home.

It’s a muffin tray!

Any cupcake, bun or muffin tray will do the trick. The more compartments, the better. I use one with 12 spaces. I divide Jessica’s meals up into 12 little portions. She feels like she’s getting a massive plate full of meals all at once, so she’s happy. But more importantly, it takes her ages to finish it as she has to work her way round each little bit of it.

This has worked like a dream. She’s hardly ever sick any more, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you’ve got a troublesome greedy cat, give it a try, and let me know (in the comment section below) how it works out for you and your kitty.