NoBowl Feeding System Lets Your Cat Play With His Food

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
To cats, bowls are boring! Feed the need and lose the bowl. The new NoBowl Cat Feeding System allows your cat to do what he does best – hunt!

Ever wonder why ancient Egyptians held cats in such high esteem?

We’re talking statues and demi-god status here. At times, penalties for bringing harm to cats were greater than if you were to do something nefarious to a human! Why was that?

Because the ancient Egyptians knew something even then that we are learning more and more about today…cats are natural hunters and need more enriched environments than we often provide. In those days? Cats were revered for their instinctive ability to conquer the problem of mice in the village grain bins. Not only did they learn that cats were valuable for mousing, and in turn, saving food supply and helping rid villages of disease, but they also made pretty fabulous furry family members as well.

So fast forward to the typical cat of today… fat and happy, lounging in that nice spot on your/his (same difference, right?) favorite chair.

At least you think he’s happy. He’s got the run of the house and great big bowl of food the he drives you nuts for every time you walk to the kitchen. Life’s great, right?

So why does he throw that food back up maybe thirty-seven seconds later?

Turns out that while you think you are doing right by your feline family member, you may not be meeting the deepest, most primal need a cat has – the need to hunt and eat meals in smaller, more controlled portions.

Enter the NoBowl Cat Feeding system. Developed by Philadelphia vet Dr. Elizabeth Bales, the NoBowl system not only allows cats to satisfy their inner tiger, but battles one of the biggest problems today’s indoor cats face – obesity.

Instead of leaving out a bowl of food, full of that delectable din-din they scarf down (and then, often vomit right back up just for you to step in!), the NoBowl allows you to put just the right amount of food inside and then makes your cat work for his keep.

Yep, they have to work for it, and they LOVE it!

You see, while it may seem like Whiskers likes living the large life, what really feeds his seeking circuitry is hunting. Cats go through this cycle eight to ten times a DAY. Does your cat attacking your toes at 3:14 am sound familiar? Yeah, that’s because he is in the ‘hunting phase’ of the seeking circuit. The NoBowl system allows him to ‘hunt’ and ‘catch’ his prey (without waking YOU!), as well as stimulates his brain in the ‘playing’ with his ‘prey.’ Not only does this environmental stimulation help reduce behavioral problems like over-grooming, picking on fur-siblings and chewing on inappropriate items, but limits the amount of food to just the right amount–which promotes a healthy weight, and means your feline friend will live a much longer, happier life.

Originally funded through a Kickstarter Crowdsourcing, the NoBowl Cat Feeding system is not only revolutionizing the way cats eat, but enriching their environments with physical and mental exercise.

Which means you get to sleep through the night and not wake up to cat barf. Sign us up! You can get yours on the NoBowl website.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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