The Cat Daddy’s Petmate Cat Toys Are Out of This World

PetGuide Staff
by PetGuide Staff
It’s no secret we love us some Jackson Galaxy! Look what cool cat stuff he brought with him to SuperZoo 2017.

We love Jackson Galaxy. Petmate is always one of our fave booths to visit at SuperZoo, and he’s a big part of that! This year, he’s brought in some super (hero) ways for cats to play and interact with their families and we believe they’ll be a big hit with the kittehs everywhere!

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He’s introduced the Gravity Tower. Think the Seattle Space Spin Needle but smaller scale and for cats to play with for hours. It is the first 360-degree spinning cat toy, using an embedded magnetic base that creates all sorts of crazy magic for your cat. It turns and tips (but never over completely, as the weighted base wobbles but rights itself) and your cat will be entertained for hours as there is literally something new for it to pounce and play on with every turn.

We warn you though, it’s a bit easy to become mesmerized by it yourself. (Don’t ask us how we know.) It’ll run you $24.99 and be available in October (perfect for kitteh’s stocking!).

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Jackson also brought some toys to bring the super kitteh out in all our mousers–adorable meteorites that are perfectly sized for batting around and fighting for justice from evil catnip overlords. They, of course, do use catnip, 100% organic and made in the USA, and the best part is that when the catnip scent fades, you can use the Jackson Galaxy marinating system to bring the scent back to life. The small ones will be $4.99 and the large ones $7.99 and they’ll be available in October as well.

Sticking with the space theme, he also brought Satellites for playtime, and if you’ve never seen a cat slide across a smooth floor chasing after these babies, you’ve missed out on life. They are bright and enticing, and at $4.99, you’ll want several packages to make your cat flip, flop and fall over with fun!

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