Video of Blind Cat Hugging Phone While Music Plays Hits All the Right

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A blind cat appreciating beautiful music in a way that most humans do not is about the sweetest thing you’ll see and hear today, we guarantee.

We know, we know. Cats are not typically known for their sentimentality or their super-love of anything human. They are bosses of the world, after all.

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But we have to tell you about one that has melted our hearts as he has shown the Insta world what appreciation looks like, even if he can’t see on his own.

Sarper Duman is a supremely talented pianist from Istanbul, Turkey. He is also a Cat Dad extraordinaire, rescuing cats from the poorest of shape and treating his feline family as if they were his own blood.

He plays for his kittehs, and they clearly enjoy every second. They often join their dad in duets, and it’s about the cutest thing ever.

We say about because recently, one of his biggest feline fans was caught on video hugging the phone as Duman’s beautiful piano music lightly came through the speaker. Namik the cat is blind, and he is obviously Duman’s super fan. So much so that when he hears the sweet song from the phone, he has to move it close enough to virtually hug Duman through the screen.

A fan of Duman’s sent him the video, and if this doesn’t make you tear up a little bit, I’m going to say you just don’t have a heart. I mean….

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Super Cat Dad that he is, Duman says that this video was the most touching one he’s ever received because he can see how moving his music is to this sweet cat. And let’s be real–how many performers (who love cats) get the chance to see just what their music does to the animal (they love most)?

Pianist cat's 5 tips for the best sleep:

1- Brush teeth

2- Get on top of the piano

3- Start purring

4- Kiss father

5- Listen and sleep

— Sarper Duman (@sarperduman) September 15, 2017

What’s especially touching is that Duman also has a blind cat, Veysel, who he calls his angel. He says that some of his best times are just sitting with Veysel, listening to the birds. Looking at his Insta, we believe he is a very happy man, indeed, with some of the happiest (and most musically entertained!) cats on the planet.

"Güzel yürekli, güzel yüzlü çocuğum benim, Veysel'im.. ❤"



"My beautiful kind hearted child, Veysel.. ❤"

— Sarper Duman (@sarperduman) September 18, 2017

If you want more sweetness today, go to his social media sites now. But be careful. You’re likely to become addicted. (Cough, cough.)

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