The Most Cat-ified Cat Video You’ve EVER Seen [Video]

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Tel Aviv musical duo Cherie and Renno released their new single, ‘Meow,’ and like most musical artists, have a catchy little video to accompany it.

But you’ve never, ever seen a video like theirs!

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Along with the 74 cats they feature on their website, the duo also used stock photo company DepositPhotos as inspiration to create the most bizarre and possibly creatively genius video. With the claim of using  over 940 stock photos to jack up the wow-factor, it’s quite possible that this video features the most cats ever!

Featuring SuperCat, Beekeeper Cat, McFly Cat, Emo Cat, Pirate Cat, and Unicorn Cat, among many others, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Too much choice! Too many cats!

[Source: Adweek]